Last night, Lis and I ran the Marathon Sports 5-Miler in Weston, MA. It was pretty hot (at least I think so) when we started at 7 p.m. Luckily though the course was very shaded. For those of you who have never heard of Weston, it’s considered one of the richest towns in the country (it usually gets included within that Forbes list of 500.) So as Lis said, this is how the other half lives, it’s cool we get to see it while running. A lot of folks in the neighborhood were out on their porches, or watching from the sidelines which was cool.

This was my virginal experience, with the new Garmin 405, and it did awesomely! (Yeah, I don’t know that’s even a real word but who cares.) The course was shaded, and it didn’t seem to lose GPS tracking at all. Plus, compared to my older Forerunner 101, it weighs next to nothing.

The race was well-organized and well-run, as anything is that is co-sponsored by Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The other sponsor was, of course, Marathon Sports, one of my favorite (if not expensive) running stores. They had three water stops, which is a lot for a course that short, but you won’t find me complaining. 🙂

You all know for the longer runs, I like my camelbak, but I think I’d look like a huge dork using it for only 5 miles. I bought myself one of those hand-held water bottle carriers and used it for the first time last night. Yes, you should never use a new piece of equipment for the first time in a race. I couldn’t figure out (until mile 3) how to get the stupid mouthpiece to work. All of a sudden, as Lis says, it was like, Hallelujah! I just yelled out “Oh! Oh! I can drink the Gatorade now!” Yes, I can be kind of dingy sometimes like Edith on Archie Bunker (yes, an antiquated reference, those of you who get it, you don’t have to say who you are. Those of you who don’t get it, don’t tell me….)

So the race report goes like this.

  1. No chips, but Lis and I already know not to start in front. There are those guys in the blue shirts again who started (and likely won) the race right on the line a few weeks ago at the New Charles River Run. We’re both wearing headphones in case one of us has to say “go ahead, leave without me, save yourself…” 🙂
  2. We’re going to just let them go on by. As Lis kept saying at the beginning, don’t get caught up in the rush or we’ll die. (Sorry Lis if I am editorializing a bit here…)
  3. Mile 1 – we’re doing good – oh what highway is that we are crossing over? The Mass Pike. Cool!
  4. Thank God, a water stop. Water bottle bit thing not working yet, remember.
  5. Why do we have to run on the sidewalk? Lis, being the CPA, follows the rules. I, on the other hand, decide I still want to run on the street like so many others around me. Lis later switches to the road just like me.
  6. Around Mile 2? there was a hill that prompted some expletives from me.  Lis reminded me that I am a Catholic, and I reminded her I am a non-practicing Catholic. She didn’t believe I was serious at first when I said I’m walking at the top of it. Good news is we did run up it. I just needed a few steps to catch my breath and then caught up to her.
  7. Mile 3ish? I needed to just stop for a bit – I told her to go ahead, and she said she just wanted to run a bit further.
  8. I kept her in my sights the whole way – she never did stop, in case you are wondering, except for a water stop. (See, Lis, I really was close behind you the whole way, you just couldn’t see me without turning around!)
  9. Mile 3.5, is it me or am I starting to feel stronger?
  10. Mile 4, yep I am feeling stronger. Must have been the 6 800s I did for speed work the other night.
  11. Mile 4 – yep, I’m sticking to my new goal of picking people off and finishing strong. Hey, there’s person number 1 right there…
  12. Mile 4.5, yep, either I’m speeding up, or those people are slowing down. Could be a combo of both.
  13. Mile 4.75ish, oh THANK GOD, a DOWNHILL! There’s the finish line on the field too – yippee!
  14. Last quarter mile – hey there, Lis, I’m right next to you! There’s Bill and Steve too – smile and wave for the camera!
  15. Ok, let’s pass these two ladies running on the inside (the nerve of them to make us try to pass on the outside!)
  16. Finishing in 50:25 according to the clock but I know it’s more like 50:14.  YAY!!  Not bad for running in this heat.

Ok, the results were posted a bit later. My bib number was 796 yet there are only 703 finishers on the Cool Running site. What’s up with that? Also, at first Lis didn’t have her results posted. They put her down as a DNR.  What the hell?  She went over and told the people doing the timing that she had finished after all, and three places after me. So they randomly gave her a finish time of 50:47 or so. Her clock time was 50:28 but again we think that was even a bit off. (At least I do.)  So, we think we came in place 602 and 605. Not bad for treating it somewhat like a training run. She’s going hiking tonight, I think she’s nuts!

Oh, and I have a picture of the two of us AFTER the run – I will post it up here later today when I get home. I stupidly left my camera cable at home so can’t post it here over my lunch hour as I write this. So now I’m going to go sit outside in our 93 degree heat (plus humidity, mind you) and finish my lunch. It may be a short stay out there.

Oh, and I think I may start following the FIRST program for marathon training somewhat. I need to feel more confident about my speed and I have a feeling that will help.  I just may have an extra day of running because Lis and I try to run together once during the week too. It totally helps to have someone with you on a night you don’t feel like moving, for whatever reason.