I’m about a 9 minute miler (maybe slower) if running a 10K, and a runner who does something in the 8:15 range for 5Ks. So if you’re faster than me, sorry, but maybe these would work for your long runs!  Below I’m categorizing music that works for me, for various types of runs and workouts.  I’m also happy to add suggestions by others (and already have done so below, as you can see.)  Please continue to let me know what keeps you going!

Track/Speed Workouts:

  • 3, by Britney Spears 
  • Evacuate the Dance Floor, by Cascadia
  • Tik Tok by Ke$ha
  • Opticon, by Orgy (also good for races!)
  • Playing with the Boys, by Kenny Loggins (made famous by the Top Gun movie)
  • Cherry Twist, by The Crystal Method

To Keep You Going When You Really Want to Stop

  • Rocky Theme
  • No Way Out (from Rocky Movies)
  • Training Montage, from Rocky IV
  • Lifeline, by  Angels and Airwaves
  • One Step at a Time, by Jordin Sparks
  • Please Don’t Stop the Music, by Rihanna
  • Vapour  Trails, by Starecase
  • Breathe, by Angels and Airwaves
  • If Today was Your Last Day, by Nickelback
  • Till I Collapse, by Eminem, featuring Nate Dogg (for the words,  by Sarah of Fit to 40 blog)

Tempo Runs:

  • Womanizer, by Britney Spears
  • Fire Burning, by Sean Kingston
  • Down, by Jay Sean
  • Infatuation, by Rod Stewart
  • Lovers in Japan, by Coldplay
  • Move Along, by The All-American Rejects
  • Bones Theme, by The Crystal Method
  • Get Ready for This, by Beat Dominator
  • Let it Rock, by Kevin Rudolf

Hill Workouts:

  • March On, by Good Charlotte
  • Stronger, by Kanye West
  • Get Ready for This, by Beat Dominator (intentionally put under both tempo and hill workouts)

Easy (or Mellow) Runs:

  • Oracular Spectacular, by MGMT (suggested by Jill of the Jill Will Run blog)
  • Right Here with You, by Olivia Newton-John (suggested by Sarah, who mentioned it helped her run the Chicago Marathon)
  • anything by Phoenix, Jamie McCullum, or Ray LaMontagne (suggested by my friend Corey, who likes them to drown out the sound of cars, and help him even when his legs are heavy and lungs aren’t feeling so great)
  • Fireflies, by Owl City (I love this one too, it was recommended by Sarah of Fit to 40 blog)
  • I’m Alright, by Kenny Loggins (also known as the song from CaddyShack)

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