I started writing this post last week and with this week’s craziness at work, never got it completed, so here goes nothing:

So many titles I could go with for this race:

  • I Chicked a Guy!
  • I Chicked Many Guys!
  • Playing with the Boys! (reminds me of the song by Kenny Loggins, and the movie Top Gun)
  • First Top Ten Overall Woman’s Placement Ever!!!

Except for the weird age group divisions, 1-39, and 40-69, I have nothing but good things to say about this race.  Super organized. Lots of food if you wanted it beforehand (see what I mean – what races feed you BEFORE the race?)  Tons of Dunkin Donuts coffee, munchkins and donuts. (Ok, come to think of it, that may have been more for volunteers.) It didn’t hit my friend Meg and I until afterward how it fit the stereotype of cops to have so many coffee and donuts all around. 🙂  (Don’t you all love Meg’s “elite” number of 6 below? She, of course, looks good. I, on the other hand, do not take good pics. This blog is ample evidence of that…)

Me and Meg before the race. We found the one person possible who'd never taken a picture from a phone before. This took about 5-10 minutes to get. Honestly.

Before Meg and I visited the porta-potties before the race, we overheard two guys talking and one said “it’s a really hilly course.” Meg looked at me and said that they were probably talking about another race.  A few minutes later, I interrupted the poor two guys to ask if they’d been talking about this race. One guy basically said the entire course was one constant hill after another, noting that we started on an uphill. He also said that when we ran DOWN the huge hill during mile 1, to remember that we would have to run up it later on. He was SO RIGHT.

That course was HARD. The only time it was somewhat flat was when we ran through the Arnold Arboretum. Luckily there were lots of trees (as its name implies), and I say this because it was HOT out, too! Otherwise it was a constant up and down, up and down.  Oh, and by the way, for those of you not familiar with Boston, you should know that the Arboretum is not known for being flat, not by a long shot. It just seemed flat in comparison to the rest of the course.

Around mile 2ish, someone was kind enought to set up a hose to the back of an SUV so that it sprayed runners like a shower as they ran under it. Whoever that person was, thank you!

I pretty much started out thinking it was not going to be a PR course with all of those hills. The last two 5Ks I’ve run have been very flat courses. So, honestly I’m very happy with my time of 25:14 (garmin time), 25:16 (official clock time), and 25:20 (official results time.) Yep, that’s right, no timing chips but that’s ok.  I’m calling it my “hilly course PR.”

There were lots of water stops along the way. Another reason for the thumbs up, as my last two races had NONE. (Of course, both days were much cooler and you didn’t need anything.) I don’t think all of them were official, but that’s cool.

As the name of the race implies, there were lots of cops running this race.  Many had shirts that said the name of their police department. It was a nice ego boost to have a tough/cop guy look over and try to cover up the look of shock when they saw little ‘ol me running next to them. I even passed a few of them too, LOL. I’ve got to admit, ever since I have run with my friend Dan, it’s helped with my confidence, running-wise. I feel like I can keep up with the guys after all. (I remember looking down at my watch as it beeped 7:58 for the first mile and thinking, “yeah I can try to keep up something like that!”)

Meg and I in the SWAT vehicle (everyone else inside of it was under the age of 10)

At the end of the race, there was plenty of food, and some free beer in addition to a few booths that were giving out health-related samples. They also had a SWAT vehicle pull up after the race and they let kids climb inside (even the big ones, like me and Meg, as you can tell from the picture, LOL.)  One cop stood at the front of the SWAT vehicle/truck and let kids try on his bulletproof vest (I restrained myself), and pick up his large riot-gear shield. (All I can say is, it was kinda heavy and I certainly wouldn’t have to try to run and carry it at the same time.)

Oh, and they also had an ice cream truck pull up, which gave out free ice cream to whoever wanted it. It was the first ice cream truck I’ve ever seen that didn’t make the word “pedophile” immediately come to mind. Honestly! Perhaps it was the phrase “Boston Police Department” written in large letters on the side! (Who knew they had their own ice cream truck??)  All in all, it seemed a very well-organized race and one I will DEFINITELY run again. Even with the weird age groups.  

Anyway, in case you are wondering, my results are below.  I’ve got a few more races coming up, only they are the 10K distance.


  • Garmin splits: Mile 1=7:57; Mile 2: 8:03; Mile 3=8:17 (HUGE hill on this one)
  • OVERALL PLACE BY SEX: 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OVERALL PLACE: 60/404 or 60/358 (404 entrants were shown at the race venue, cool running.com only had 358 listed.)  Anyone got ideas for such a discrepancy in #s?