So, I jinxed myself with my last post – it happened. As soon as I said I expected to have a crap run, it reared its ugly head.

It started out with a warning sign – my tummy.  Luckily that cleared itself up by my delaying my run for about 10-15 minutes. Then, there was the “yes, we really are dying on you” signals from my headphones.

Pink Sony overear headphones, photo courtesy of

You know the type – the music is only coming out of one earpiece, unless you hold the wire just so. Luckily, my bouncing all around seemed to help them today.  (I bought a new pair tonight, in pink. Yes, they are totally girly. Get over it.)

Then, there was the first big hill which I encounter within about a half mile or less from my front door. It’s not bothered me much lately, but today I could feel myself laboring up it. I think I may just use that hill as my baseline from now on to see how I’m feeling.  (The terrain here is much different from where I moved from, as I might have had one hill like it, on my “hilly” route, which is to say I ran it when I felt like it, not on a daily basis.)

I decided to run down a hill that seemed to scare me until today, because it looked really steep, and I was afraid that once at the bottom, I’d never be able to climb backup it again. Boy, am I glad that I faced that fear today. I ended up finding a road called Hammond Pond Parkway. Other than the two lanes of traffic in both directions, I kind of felt like I was in the woods. Trees and trails on both sides of the road. If you ran on the grass and soft terrain rather than playing chicken with the cars, and kept your head cocked a bit to the left, you could almost mentally put yourself somewhere else.

(I have to admit, when Opticon by Orgy came onto my headphones, it was a bit jarring, considering my surroundings.) (Warning: my link goes to a video on YouTube where Opticon appeared on Charmed, one of my favorite TV shows. Mock if you will.)

Hammond Pond Parkway reminds me of the Blue Hills where I ran the 13.1 Marathon just south of Boston. Truth be told, it’d be hard to beat that area for scenery (and really difficult hills, Good Lord), but since this road is within running distance from where I am living, and offers its own sense of serenity, I will take it. I love running by the huge homes nearby (which are constantly being tended to by landscapers), but this area was just different. Those of you in the southwest would likely be jealous of how green it is. I’ll have to take a pic and post it.

Speaking of, below is another photo of the reservoir near me – the sun is beautiful when it reflects off of the water. For those of you familiar with, or who have run the Boston Marathon, you can usually see the Prudential and Hancock Towers off in the distance.  Right after I took this, I ran into someone who retired from my work a few years ago, and who always has a big smile on her face. She gave me a big hug even though I was a sweaty mess (it was hot and humid – news flash – what else is new?!) and I cut my run short to walk back toward my building with her and catch up.

So, the run was short (4 miles), hot, involved walking, and had minor music troubles.  A few years ago, that would have put me into a major funk.  Today, my attitude was this:  at least it wasn’t a race, and no one died. Tomorrow’s another day. 🙂

Reservoir reflections