This has been a long and strange month and I’m going to be glad to see it leave. Long story short, and with no details, because they are personal, I made a difficult (really difficult) decision over the weekend that has major consequences for me and others.  Ididn’t arrive at it lightly. So, I’ve been quite stressed for the past several weeks, which is part of the reason why I’ve not been posting much. Only so much energy to go around. Right now, I’m kind of running on empty.

By the way, this paragraph is only intended for the person who sent me a nasty “mention” on Twitter, in case he/she reads my blog.  (The rest of you can just skip it.) First of all, if you are someone who I’ve never met in the physical world, and are that type of person who just looks to send snarky comments to people you’ve never spoken to before, GET A LIFE.  Second, if you are someone who really does know me personally, then “man or woman up” and confront me in a non-cowardly way. Call me/email me/see me in person, but don’t hide between a fake Twitter name that you created just to be an ass. And rest assured that if you do keep creating Twitter IDs, and follow me again, you will be blocked and reported for spam every single time.

OK…NOW that I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll talk about what I usually talk about here: running. I’ve really cut down the volume of running when it comes to long runs on the weekends. We were out of town for 3 weekends straight in July, to go to Florida on vacation and to go to a wedding in South Carolina.  Who goes to Florida in July, you ask? Well, we did, in order to see my sister and her family. (Their oldest kid was in a national soccer tournament.)  For those of you who’ve never been to Florida, at any time of the year, trust me, the humidity is absolutely gross. One morning I left the gym at 10 a.m., and it was 89, but the humidity factor made it feel like 109. GROSS.  I couldn’t believe how my 9 year old nephew was able to run around on a soccer field for almost an hour every day in that kind of heat.

I’ve only run one race this entire month, and it was my favorite. The Weston/Marathon Sports 5 Miler. The first year I ran the race, I did it in 50 minutes or so (this was also when I was training for a marathon and had no concept of pace.) Last year, I did it in 44 minutes and change.  Last week, I only hoped to break into the 43 barrier.  So, you can imagine my surprise at finishing with a time of 41:33 sitting on my Garmin. 🙂

Ordinarily, I’d do a whole race report, and maybe I will in the future, but I  hope everyone will understand why I’m just going to include  my stats for now. This race usually includes tons of really fast runners so I’m very satisfied with my placement.

  • Division F30-39: 40/137
  • 147/418 Women
  • 489/914 overall

All I can say is, my running over the past week (with the exception of Saturday morning, when I found it hard to pretty much move forward at all), has been on the faster side.  I’ve been going for runs in my brother’s neighborhood and looking down at my watch, feeling like I’m running slow, but finding that I’m running under 9 minute pace, or in the low 9s (even on the 3rd straight day of running.) So, if stress and lack of sleep makes me run fast, well, then I guess I’ll be a speed maniac for the foreseeable future. It’s like my mind has just completely taken over on my runs.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and to those of you who have been contacting me personally lately, thank you very much for reaching out.  The view below I will soon be seeing often. I definitely think being near water calms me down.

Reservoir near Boston College