This is definitely the boldest of the bunch. Think it's a boy, but haven't been able to get close enough to verify. 🙂

A few weeks since I blogged. Hmm, that’s been becoming a theme too often lately.  Full disclosure: I did have a post written about my running on vacation, but as I read it over, I realized I was boring even myself.

So, I’ll post pics from Cape Cod later, and suffice it to say, I did run over vacation, many times, and even did speed work.  One day, because I was not in that great of a mood and needed to work through some things, I ran a second time after doing speedwork in the morning.   The second run was in the rain, and at least my body felt pretty damn good at the end of it. A fortunate side effect was that it told me I can even run at a pace that feels fast, twice in the same day.

Because my half marathon is next Sunday, I’ve been logging more and more miles, and feeling like I’m turning into a snail. So, I decided to run a 5K today. Lis, who I’ve known since 2008 when we ran the marathon together, was also up for it (she’s been running and not experiencing pain, let’s all knock on wood she continues to feel good.)

Notice how big they are compared to the paper plate. Yes, those are 3 heads.

Yesterday was a bit of “bizarro world” for the two of us. (Remember that episode from Seinfeld? I know, I know, I’m dating myself by acknowledging I remember it.)  She’s the one who usually arrives to things early, while I’m showing up just a few minutes beforehand, or late.  (In fact, i think I give her a heart attack whenever I’m on time for anything.)  Anyway, she was a bit lost in the town, and followed signs for race parking, which for some reason incomprehensible to both of us, was ridiculously far away from the race start. By the time we met up, it was about 8:15 or 8:20 (race time 8:30), so we quickly threw her stuff in my trunk and started running toward the starting line while putting our bibs on our shorts (she picked up our #s yesterday), and I ran for the 2nd time in 5 minutes to the ladies’ room (peanut-sized nervous bladder, what can I say? LOL)  She was like “you can pin stuff to you and run at the same time? Because I don’t think I can!” When trying to decide where to meet after the race, I was like “we both have cell phones!” and then we realized, um, yeah, hers was sitting in my trunk… so yeah, we were both out of sorts…

This one seems to be one of the shyest (sp?) of the bunch.

Oh, and sorry, no race photos other than the one of my bloody knee because of our rushing to the start line. Our “after” photos never turn out as good as the “before” ones, LOL.  So, I’m posting pics of the kitties who have taken up residence behind our shed, throughout this post.  We are feeding them with the hopes of getting them to trust us, so we can try to help them find homes, or at least get trapped-neutered-returned, when the time is right.  I am sorry if any of you reading this are not cat fans, but I just find them way too adorable.  If you keep in mind that they are eating off of a regular sized paper plate in these pics, you’ll understand how little they really are.

Debacles to report:

My iPod flew out of its case, for only the second time in all the years I’ve had it. I’m running along and all of a sudden, I realize it’s flying all over the place, near my feet, yet still attached to my headphones, thankfully. I believe the phrase that went through my mind (and possibly aloud as well) was WTF?! (Mom, I  know you’re reading this, and, no, I’m not going to explain the meaning of that abbreviation, you’ll just get upset and say “you didn’t raise me to use such language.”)*

I do have MORE color to my legs, believe it or not. Lovely, isn't it?

Who doesn’t love a good “yard sale” right at the finish line right in front of everyone, right?!   I was sprinting as is my norm, and suddenly went flying. No idea why.  Yep, if I’d been holding anything like, say, a water bottle, etc., it would have been pretty ugly. I might have taken someone’s eye out, because the field was still pretty crowded at that point.  Luckily, the only thing hurt was my pride, and my right knee. The left is bruised, but isn’t bleeding, the left arm is a little “rug-burnedish” but luckily no sprained wrists or anything major.  Only 50 yards or so to the end. I did hear the crowd go “OOOHHH” even over the noise of my headphones, that’s always comforting. People asked me “what did you trip over?”  Um. My  own two feet? LOL.

Unfortunately, hearing the “OOHHs” kinda brought back flashbacks to when I fell on the cobblestones trying to get around crowds at last year’s Tufts 10K race. Today definitely could have been worse – remember the photo of my ankle the day after?  You can see it here

Bill asked me if I got up faster than I did last fall, and I said “yes! The finish line was right there – I was so pissed!” I know a few choice words escaped my lips, hope there weren’t young kids around to hear them. Otherwise, I guess they learned a few new words to add to their vocab if they haven’t heard their own parents use them already.

Oh, and update on my knee as of today. My band aid finally came off today at about mile 6.5, too bad I still had about 2-2.5 more to go. A second band aid refused to stay on at this point.  Sweat rolling into a bloody part of your body (that, as I write this, feels like it’s starting to scab over, just lovely), DOES NOT feel good. It stings like a mother! (No, Mom, not talking about you, I’m just leaving out a word of profanity.)*

Pet Peeve:

I know I was a newbie runner/racer at one point, but um, I think that even then, I knew I wasn’t a 7 minute per mile pace runner if I had to stop and walk after a half mile.  I lined up with the 8-min milers today (they had signs posted everywhere re. paces), and there were people who started running in front of me who were WAY slower than 8 or even 9 minute mile pace. I found myself inwardly yelling (as did Lis), GET OUT OF THE WAY!   Then there were the groups of people running together, 2 or 3 across, just close enough to each other that you can’t get past them without throwing a rude elbow into my face.  Because of my fall, well, last Fall, I’m pretty scared however, to jump up and off of the sidewalk to get around people so I just tried to bide my time and try to squeeze between people whenever I could.  So yes, there was a bit of the “giant slalom” for me at the beginning of the race.  (Lis thinks a lot of these people at the “bigger” races around here are just clueless. I agree.)


  • Temps – high 70s, kinda humid, I was sweating before I started running as I listened to the most god-awful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
  • 455/1487 overall (top 31%) (looks like a lot of people wimped out due to the heat, as 1800 registered)
  • 143/858 women (top 16%!!!)
  • 49/300 F30-39 (top 16%!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Official time: 26:32
  • Garmin time: 26:30
  • imapmywalk iphone app time: 26:44 (I started it after the gun but before the starting mat)
  • First mile – 7:47!!!! wahoo (now, just gotta wait til it gets nice and cool and I can blast them all out at that pace, LOL)

For those of you who followed my tweets and sent me notes, thank you.  I started the iphone app soI could start the Garmin right on the mat. I do find the app to be a tiny bit off, GPS distance-wise, and it also eats into my battery, but hey, it’ free. And the battery, well, it’s an iPhone 3G. iPhone batteries suck in general!

Anyway, if anyone reading this lives near Boston and thinks eventually that they might want a way-too-cute and adorable kitten, please let me know!

*For those of yo who don’t know, my mom actually reads every single one of my posts, so sometimes she needs a bit of extra explanation.

** In case you’re wondering, or are a baseball fan, Sharon Timlin was Mike Timlin’s mom and died of ALS. Mike Timlin used to be a reliever pitcher for the Red Sox. I didn’t realize until after the race that he was the person speaking on the microphone before the race started. Damn!