"24" image by John Griffiths, via flickr.com

Or, should I say, the mornings after, when I used to watch 24 and Lost on DVR?!  Really.  You guys out there who are fans of either show will understand.  (If you’ve never watched either, ARE YOU SERIOUS?)

 No more Tuesday emails back and forth with my friend, Karl, another 24 fan. No more wondering how Freddie Prinze Jr.’s awful acting still has not gotten his character killed off. (Realy, could he have been more stiff?) No more listening to Jack Bauer yell at people as his normal tone of voice, or watching and hoping Dahlia Hassan just goes nuts and whales off a great bitch slap at President Taylor’s face! 

No more Lost. No more of me saying “I love Sawyer!” every time they show his character on screen, or listening to him call Hurley various names. No more scratching of the head and saying “huh?” to whatever just happened on the screen, and then watching Bill get frustrated because I didn’t understand (of course, sometimes I may have been distracted by whatever I was trying to do on my computer at the same time, I admit it.)  The creators of that show truly were genius.  And yes, I did like the finale in case you’re wondering. I cried.

If you people have never watched either show, I have one word for you: Netflix. I should not have to explain this any further. 🙂

Anyway, enough of my complaining.  I can always wait with baited breath for the return of the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Two shows that when they come on, my husband needs to excuse himself so he can stab himself in the eye repeatedly with a fork, just to get himself out of his misery.  Nah, not too dramatic!  (Ladies, agree with me on this if nothing else — Ian Somerhalder is beautiful, and his character Damon is by far the best developed and acted one on the show!)

So, today was the second day of 90+ temps in the Boston area.  I’ve been continuing to do a lot of gardening/mulching stuff outdoors, and I guess it’s helping me to acclimate to the weather, if there can be a good upside to sweating as much as I have the last few days. Luckily, my husband and his friend who lives across the street helped to put in all 4 of our window units, so tonight the house is bearable. Ruthie the dog isn’t panting just to survive, anyway.

We had track practice tonight.   Those of us training for full or half marathons were originally supposed to do 8 x 800s with active recovery, but because of the heat, I don’t think anyone did more than 6. I didn’t.  My fastest was probably somewhere in the 3:49 range (compared to something like 3:40 a few weeks ago), and I had one really bad one in the middle where I didn’t get enough time in between, and it showed, because my time was something like 4:08.  I carried my inhaler the whole way just in case.  It’s not like I usually feel like I am going to have an attack or anything (don’t worry, Mom, I’m not stupid, I take it easy when I need to), but it does help me to recover faster than I otherwise would, I think.

For those of you wondering what some of our other workouts have been, last week’s was what they call a “whistle workout.” For two minutes, those of us doing longer distances would run at a hard pace, and then when they blew the whistle, we’d run slower to recover for one minute. They’d blow the whistle and the whole thing would start again, for 8 repeats. We then get a break for about 3 minutes to drink water, etc., and then you’re off again for another 8 repeats, or a total of 48 minutes running time.   They had us running around the North Andover Town Common in the pouring rain rather than the track, so it was a nice change. My mileage added up to somewhere around 5.5 miles that night too! 

And now, because I have to get up early and get more gardening done, to quote Desmond, and (as I saw, on Lindsay’s blog, it’s one  of her favorite lines too): “See you on the other side, brotha!”

"Lost" by Sebas, via flickr.com