Running track, photo by Dr. Geee,

I’m in shock tonight for two reasons. One is awesome, and the other…yeah, not so much.

Ok, bad one first. Got home from track practice tonight (yep, it started last week), took off my running shirt to jump into the shower, and guess what I saw?  That’s right, blood on my running bra.  I silently freaked out (ok, maybe not so silently because I was worried I had the problem usually only guy runners have), and then realized it was from one of the seams on my running bra. 

Note to Jill of Jill Will Run – I’ve been meaning to write you with this piece of advice for your bigger busted Team Challenge runners  – lube up “the girls” before every run. I mean, REALLY lube them up with Glide.  At first, it may seem weird, but they should just take it from me, it’s necessary.  Tonight, my Glide stick was getting down to the bottom so I guess I just didn’t use enough.  Or, it’s a sign from above that I need new running bras. (Speaking of, ladies, (or men, if you for some reason know this, and if so, don’t tell me how — please), how do you know when your running bras are shot?)

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, pic from

So, as I sit here, I have Anti-Monkey Butt Powder on my boob.  There, I’ve said it. One sentence in the English language I never thought I’d say, er, write. I’m 37, and I’m out of diaper rash ointment even though I have no kids, so I’ve resorted to what I have left in the house.   There’s another statement I never thought I’d utter, er, write, either. Two for two. Anyhoo…the anti-monkey butt stuff works well for what it’s (ahem) designed for, so I thought, “why not?”

Oh, and the second reason I’m sitting here shocked — well, because of something my coach said to me tonight which shocked the s*&H*#(t out of me.  He thinks I should be able to do a half marathon at the end of June in about 1:52.   I just kind of looked at him like he’d been smoking something causing hallucinations, and I wondered if he’d be willing to share (JUST KIDDING!)

I was not going to say anything about my time goal for the half-marathon I’m planning at the end of June because I was worried about disappointing myself and all of you, especially with the course having a fair number of hills (and a nice number of downhills, I have to admit.)  But now I guess I’ll put it out there.  I was going to try for 2 hours.  I said that to my coach after saying to him “there’s no way I can do a half in that time” and he looked at me like I was lying to myself.  He thought that based on all the paces I’ve been running, I should be able to handle a half-marathon at that pace, and be able to hold onto 8:25/8:30 minute miles.  (Please keep in mind when I did 2 halves in 2008, my times were something like 2:15 an 2:18, although I was training for a full at the time. Speed was not something I had.)

Personally, I think he has a whole lot more faith in my abilities than I do. But it was really nice to hear something like that. He certainly helped me tonight to push myself on my last 400.  He said it didn’t look like I was too taxed (or something to that effect) being able to do all of the intervals tonight at paces below 8 minute miles, so that’s why he thought I should be able to do the half at that fast pace.

So, I don’t know we’ll see – he did give me advice on what paces to run a lot of my runs during the week. I just don’t want to completely stress myself out on all of my runs, you know? I’m going to try but I also don’t want to get injured.

In case you are wondering, or want to try doing what we’ve been doing (without having to go to a scheduled practice), here’s what we’ve been doing:

Last week:

Run 3 1-mile repeats, with a partner.  One person runs, the other person times. The goal is for each mile, to run each lap faster than the lap before it. This doesn’t mean that you have to pick  a pace to start off with that you can then build on for the next 12 laps, just for the next four.  The idea is that each mile should roughly come in around the same time, give or take a few seconds, if you are pacing yourself right.

My first  mile= 7:54; second mile = 7:53; third mile = 7:57.  (This last mile had my fastest 400 though, of 1:46.  I love having a kick!)  Most of my first laps were about 2:05-6ish, then I tried to speed them up by at  least 3-5 seconds per lap, and try to go as fast as I could on the 4th for each repeat.

This week – ladder workout:

For the folks running 25 or more miles per week (which this week will likely include me, as I have to run 10 miles this weekend, we did the following (everyone else was either doing shorter distances or the walk-to-run program):

  • 400 – 5k pace (1 minute rest)
  • 800 – 5k pace (1:30 minute rest)
  • 1200 – 5k pace (2 minute rest)
  • 1200 – 5k pace (2 minute rest)
  • 800 – 3k pace (1:30 minute rest)
  • 400 – mile pace

My coach wanted me to keep the 1200s with 1:54 laps (those were certainly hard, I may have missed the mark by a second here or there, especially for the second 1200.) When I was on the last lap, he ran over, caught me at the 200 mark and yelled out that he wanted me to try to do it in less than 1:45.   I looked down at my watch, saw 48 seconds, and basically thought “holy shit, I’m dead!”  The second 200 was definitely difficult, but I’m so happy to say I did it and looked down just as my watch changed to 1:37. I did actually see the number 1:36 there for less than 1/100th of a second!! I honestly don’t think I’ve run a 400 in that pace since high school, which, as all of you can tell who can handle basic math, was about 20 years ago. (EEK, THAT IS A SCARY THOUGHT!)

Oh, and I’ve broken down and bought a foam roller. Give it up to the power of persuasion. I saw that such fasties like Lindsay bought one, and I know she never stretches (god only knows how she does the running she does without it), so I thought “hey, I want one too!” Still getting the hang of it — it feels weird. (The first time I used it – my legs felt more tired afterward – does that make any sense?)

Anyway, signing off for the night – if you’ve reached the end, you’re really a hard-core blog reader, aren’t you?!