I will try to not be my usual wordy self and keep these somewhat brief. 🙂 

As the saying goes here in the Boston area, if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it’ll change.  How true. 

Corey and I before the race. Corey's a super natural athlete! (Ran Boston twice!)

Last week’s race was on May 2nd, the Kick In for the Kids 4.2 miler. Temps were hot enough before we started at 11 a.m. (a normal start time for races around here at the beginning of May) that, just standing still, I felt sweat dripping down my chest. Never a good sign when you have to run 4.2 miles in that weather. 

This week’s race – Melrose Run for Women – well, let’s see. Race time of 9 a.m. (because it’s held on Mother’s Day, I think.)  Temps in low 40s.  Winds of 20-22 mph, with wind gusts in the 40 mph range.  How nice it would have been for that wind to be at our backs.  Yep, you guessed it. It was in our face for a fair portion of the race.  Running downhill – usually my favorite thing to do in a race because we all know that RUNNING DOWNHILL = FREE SPEED!  Except when  you’re running headfirst into the wind, that is.  Yep, even at the finish line. 

OOh, an action shot - they don't happen often, so look fast!

Last week’s race – the Kick In for the Kids 4.2 miler  – mainly a flat course, but so hot and humid I thought I was gonna die.  Bill said to me afterward that he knew I’d not end the race wearing my shirt (which was a sleevess tank, by the way).   This week’s race attire – capri tights, long sleeve shirt, my Boston Marathon volunteer jacket in puke green, and gloves that I kept putting on and taking off as my constantly fluctuating body temps demanded. 

Last week’s race stats: 

  • Course – mainly flat, few hills, 4.2 miles
  • 114/197 overall; 10/20 W30-39
  • Official time: 42 minutes flat (Average pace = 10:00 minute/mile)
  • Terri’s Garmin time: 41:55 (average pace = 9:59 minute/mile)

This week’s race stats: 

  • Course – rolling hills, 3.5 miles
  • 95/870 overall; 38/220 W30-39 (wahoo!!)
  • Official time: 28:50 (average pace = 8:14 minute/mile)
  • Terri’s “I think because my Garmin got screwed up, and there was no time clock at the finish line – WTF?”:  28:40 (making average pace = 8:11/mile)

Right now, I know Lindsay is sitting there, reading this bit about my pace, and laughing while shaking her head. I know she is. (She had to sit through all my math calculations after the BAA 5K, while I tried to rationalize how I really ran faster than what I did, based on what my Garmin showed as distance.) 

Corey, in the lineup at the beginning of the race. Ahem, he started in front of me!

Anyway, the attempt with both races was to use them as tempo runs, because quite honestly, the whole idea of a tempo run just scares the bejesus out of me.  Well, 1 for 2 isn’t bad on that score, I guess.  During both races,  I felt like I just wanted them to be over, but for different reasons. Last week, because of the heat. This week, because I was running as fast as I thought I could go, and hold on ’til the end. 

Both runs had good causes behind them.  Last week’s race raised money for Boys and Girls Club of Woburn, MA. This week’s race donates all the proceeds to combat domestic violence. The race field has become progressively larger every year. It helps that afterward, you are given a carnation by a cute kid, and there are so many baked goods, it’s like nirvana for people like me who have a sweet tooth. (And there’s the usual water, bananas, bagels, along with Skinny Water, a new sponsor this year! Yay!)

Finishing- thank you God!

As you can tell, sprinkled throughout this report, I only have pics from last week. I told Bill to sleep in yesterday morning since it was so windy and the course was one where he only sees me at the beginning and end.   I just don’t understand why there wasn’t a time clock at the end this year – they’ve always had one in the past!! And they didn’t have time clocks at miles 1 and 3, but a live human  yelling out times. No mile marker for mile 2 – luckily, I realized right after I passed the human clock at mile 1, that my watch hadn’t started properly and got it started right away. 

Action shot - notice the lack of a running shirt.

Otherwise I would not have had anything to go on, distance-wise, other than my memory of the race course, which is very pretty, glad to say.  I am guessing at my “real” finish time based on what a lady who changed places with me throughout the race was told as her time for the first mile – 8 minutes flat. I recognized her from a few other races I’ve run this year by the fact that her capri tights are covered in large flowers – believe me, you remember them when you see them – I have no idea where she buys them, but they’re a nice break from the usual boring black! 

By the way, is it abundantly obvious to everyone from these photos that I need some color, as in SUN, badly?! God, I look like a white pastie!Anyway, I’m going to sign off now and for the night – I’m hoping to get in about 5-6 miles in the morning. We have a frost warning tonight (yikes) so it’ll be cool in the morning (glove-worthy, I suspect) but I always run better in the cold, so bring it on! Looking forward to starting the flex/vacation combined schedule next week and catching up on everyone’s blogs even more.

Ok, I guess I failed on the “briefness” bit, didn’t I?!