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Even though it’s April Fool’s Day, it’s really not a joke, today my blog is two years old. Wow.I wish I could say something eloquent on my birthday like Anne of the Run-DMZ blog did just a few days ago, but I can’t. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to just wade through my ruminations as they occur to me at the very end of a busy day that began at 4:30 a.m., and had me dry-vaccuuming our basement at 5:20 a.m. (I got a 4.1 mile run in though, and it felt great!)

 Two years ago:

  • I thought this blog would be a good way to stay in touch with my family. Instead, most of them don’t read it.  That’s alright.  I can’t expect them to understand my love of running, or of writing, or of combining the two. I’d like to say, thanks, though, to my mom, for being a faithful reader, ever since she started playing on the computer. Now, we just need to get her comfortable with email!
  • I was in North Carolina visiting my dad, along with Bill, my husband, and my sister and her family. It was during that visit that my little niece, Katie, who is cuter than Suri Holmes (they look alike, but trust me, Katie’s way cuter), crawled for the very first time, and I was there to witness it!
  • Ruthie, our yellow lab, had not yet come into our lives. (The calm before the storm, you could say. But she’s a storm I am more than glad to weather.) We could not imagine life without her. Yes, she’s spoiled. (I write this while she sleeps on her soft blue blankie that has been placed on top of her very comfy blue dog bed. See the photo below if you don’t believe me!)
  • I hadn’t yet realized that sunrise is my favorite time of the day, well, that and anytmie I take Ruthie for a walk.  She reminds me that it’s ok to move slowly sometimes, and that every day can be a good day. (For her, they all ARE.)
  • I’d never met, virtually, or in person, any of the wonderful people that read this blog and with whom I’ve been able to connect in many ways since, via email, Facebook, Twitter, on the phone, or in person.
  • I’d not met Lis yet – someone who was willing to spend hours running alongside me, trying to not slip in pools of sweat I might leave on the street.  She was the other person who thought that we could actually hide our headphones from our TNT coaches underneath shirts that were clearly not getting the job done. 🙂 She’s also still my friend! (Although this fact alone makes me question her sanity.)
  • I’d never run a marathon. Even if I never run one again, the knowledge that I was able to accomplish that gives me a confidence no one can take away.

Ruthie asleep, as she is in so many of my pictures

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me, and continue to read my blog now.  Thank you to those who have faithfully commented on my blog – I do hope you subscribe to the comments follow-up, because I really do make an effort to respond to all of them.  Thank you to those of you who talk with me on Twitter, and check in to make sure everything is ok with me if I’ve been silent for a few days.  You’ve been generous with your time, and advice, and I do appreciate it, all of it!