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In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote this post last week but didn’t get to post it, so I’ll write over the next few days about this week’s session. (I know, everyone out there is leaning on the edge of their chairs, and starting to turn blue from holding their breath. “Oh Terri, how will we ever live until we read about THIS WEEK’S SESSION?!”)

You all know how I love my FGA sessions (Forrest Gump Anonymous, for those of you not in the know.)  They’re so much better to get through when running with people, than when I have to get through them on the treadmill, all on my lonesome.

So, I was understandably pumped to get to the indoor track last week. If only my legs and brain would have shown up with me and my heart’s desire to go fast.  It was like my heart was calling out to a room full of body parts “Legs??  Legs??  Leggssssss?????” ala Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.   Drool was running down Legg’s and Brain’s faces that day.  You get the picture.

Usually I can run the laps around the track in 40 seconds or less. Not last week.  I averaged 42-43 seconds.  (For newbie readers, 11 times around that indoor track equals a mile.)  Most of my 400s ended up being 1:55-1:57ish and my 880s ended up being 4:02.

Why the problems last week? Not sure, honestly. I had my inhaler but didn’t feel like I needed it (Our coaches have noted that the air is much drier in there and it can affect you.)  Maybe the workout?

  • 1 x400; rest one minute
  • 1 x 400; rest one minute
  • 1 x 800 rest two minutes.

Repeat 4 times, for a distance of 4 miles, plus warm-up and cool-down.

We realized that we were actually running 880s so that accounted for me doing those in 4:00 to 4:02 rather than 3:50 like before.  It could be that my body is still not as fit as it was before I had a bad head cold and general fatigue a few weeks back. Regardless, I do think that even with my running less miles per week this winter than I did last year, I’m still feeling like at least for the shorter races, I’m a bit faster than before. So the speed workouts do work.