Anne, of the world famous blog, Run-DMZ , bestowed a bit of sunshine on me recently, and I’d like to pay it forward to some other peeps out there. Actually, I’d like to just bestow it on all of you, even those of you who taunt me online on Twitter about it being 70+ degrees outside, by posting pics of your car’s temperature reader, when I’m sitting here in freezing cold weather, day after day after day (cough, ahem, Running Fat Guy, you know who you are but shall remain nameless….ooohhh, was that out loud?!)  Honestly, I can’t pick just 12 people, and some of you don’t have blogs, but make my day better on Twitter and in other ways, so I don’t want to just limit it to bloggers. (Does that make me a bad passer-onner?)  Thank  you for providing me with smiles or a laugh, or just a positive attitude.  Now please go out there and pay it forward, either virtually or in person, by giving someone else the same.

musical note photo from ttarasiuk,

On another item, you may have noticed I’ve added two new pages to the blog.  One is titled Races to Run, and another is titled Music for Runners. I used to embed a lot of videos from youtube, but thanks to the copyright and intellectual property powers that be, many of them had been taken down and the videos had not played forever. So I’ve decided to try to separate the music on my iPod as best as I can into what works for me for various types of workouts. Truth be told, I’m not sure I ever done  a real tempo run (not self-disciplined enough to try to stick it to a specific time) but I do do plenty of track workouts, so I’ve included the songs that keep me going, even on the dreadmill by myself in the early a.m. hours. 

Here’s the thing – I need your help in expanding the musical choices, and always appreciate suggestions. If you’d like to contribute to the page, please drop me a comment, and let me know what keeps you going. If you’ve got a blog, please let me know the link, so I can add your suggestion and give you credit.  I’ve noticed that in the past “music” and “running” were common search terms that brought pepole to my blog, so hopefully if someone sees something they like, the link to you on my blog could help direct a little traffic your way!   If you’re not online via the blogging world, but talk to me on Twitter, feel free to send me suggestions via that route as well! I’m Middlepackgirl on Twitter.