You may wonder, though, sometimes, I’m sure, when I go for more than a week without posting. I’ve had a lot of teaching to do at work, and have been sick. But I think I’m getting back into a rhythm again.

I was recently tagged by Jill at Jill Will Run with the Beautiful Blogger award, and have been asked to write 7 random things.  Notice, I didn’t say “random and interesting.” 

  1.  1.  I hate peas, but I love pea soup.  The condensed Campbell’s version, not the brands where you can actually see the peas.  If you think I’m weird, you’re in good company with my HB.
  2. I hate pretentious people, and people who think they’re better than others simply by what school they’ve gone to, or where they are now going to school. Guess I work at the wrong place if that’s the kind of stuff that bothers me, because on most days, I deal with it much more than I’d prefer.
  3. I dream of writing myself out of my current career eventually. I like working with students and people who really want to learn, but being a librarian, I’m seeing a change in people. Less and less, people want to think. The statement “everything is online” just makes me want to scream “NO, IT’S NOT!”  Also, not every question has an easy answer and can be taken care of with a google search. But, about the writing part. It is hard to stay motivated every day and I always think “I’m not creative enough. My writing is boring. No one is ever going to want to read this.” Then, I read a bad book and think “someone published that?  Maybe there is a chance for me, yet.”I am one of those writers who can’t write about events in sequence – I have to write the scenes as they come to me.  Might be due to the “adult-onset ADD” that seems to be an occupational hazard of being a reference librarian – it’s really hard to concentrate on the same thing for more than a few minutes straight! 😉
  4. I love learning. I’ve recently started reading some science and science-related magazines, and feel like they’re over my head. But they’re different topics than what I deal with every day (law) so I’m really liking it. Yes, I am a true nerd at heart.
  5. My favorite tv shows right now are Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Lost. 24 is a close second to those other three. Still watch DVR’d re-runs of Gilmore Girls and wish it’d come back on.
  6. Haven’t been on facebook in what feels like months. Am even considering deleting my account (shock, gasps of “no!”) Just only so many places I can check in on, on one day, you know?
  7. This semester, I am going to start learning Spanish. Need to do it for my job, but hey, I did say I like learning, right?

Ok, that’s about it for me tonight – I’m running the Bradford Valentine’s Day race tomorrow (yes, the day before the actual holiday, I know.)  Running the 6K (3.7 mile) race, wish me luck! I hope to beat last year’s time of  33:04, but having been sick last week, we’ll just have to see how I do this time around on whatever fitness I’ve got.  (Hey, see I even related something in this post to running!)

Oh, and I know I’m supposed to pick 7 other people but since I’ve taken so long to get this one out, I’m sure everyone else’s already been tagged already!