I couldn’t resist posting these photos of Ruthie.  I put a few of them on Twitter, but I know not everyone is on there, so I hope it’s ok to also post them here.  She is definitely one of the apples of my eye (in our house, there are three of them, of the furry sense: Ruthie, Chloe and Callie. The latter two are adorable cats!)

Thank you to all of you who left comments on my last post.  I felt so much better about reading them. Thank you for reminding me, I need to take joy in what I have done, and not worry about what I’m not doing.  Lis reminded me yesterday, it’s all about balance.   I’ve been enjoying running less, and I have been writing more on this blog, and both of those things make me happy. I need to not compare myself to what others are doing, anymore!

Due to the Special Election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy taking place today in MA, we dind’t have track practice this evening.  It bummed me out because I missed last week to attend a board meeting.  But, they sent us the workout early, so I did it this morning on the treadmill.  I had a great morning! (If only the rest of the day went as well, but I’m going to try to mentally put myself back there again.)

One of the coaches told me I should set the incline to .5 or keep it at 0 for the speed work.  What a difference that little .5 made! Or, was it the fact that I finally added my playlists back onto my iPod?  Or, perhaps smart beans with caffeine and propel that I was guzzling? For some reason, it just seemed so much easier this week.

Today’s workout: 8-12 400 repeats, at 5K pace (didn’t specify goal or actual), with 1 minute standing rest in between, water stop halfway.

Here’s the thing.  Treadmills don’t allow you to stand still. At least our gym’s treadmills will say “user not detected” and shut off. So I just put it down to 1.0 in between to simulate no movement. Also, instead of taking a water break halfway through, I just drank when I needed to. And, as best as I could, I tried to keep the breaks to 1 minute, but we all know that the treadmill doesn’t “ramp up” in speed like we humans do.  

I DID 12!! I DID 12!! AND WAS DONE BY 6:40 AM!!!!

 I told myself that I’d start them out at a speed that would allow me to get faster toward the end. After all, it’s always easier to start faster and then get slower, right?   Lis and I had been emailing each other yesterday and we decided to call the pace I’d do them at as “I feel like I’m going to die” pace.  We all know what that pace is, right?  (She’s been reading through a book I’ve mentioned before, and have used, call Run Less, Run Faster.)

Anyway, our treadmills measure pace like this (others may be a bit different, I realize):

  • 8.1 mph=7:24 pace
  • 8.2: mph=7:19 pace
  • 8.3 mph=7:13 pace
  • 8.4 mph=7:08 pace
  • 8.5 mph=7:03 pace

How I did the 400 repeats, to the best of my memory (hey, it wasn’t even 7 am! LOL):

  • Repeats 1-3: 8.1 mph (Wow, this doesn’t feel too bad at all.)
  • Repeats 4-6: 8.2 mph (Time to kick it up a notch)
  • Repeats 7-9: 8.3 mph (Just keep thinking, over halfway!)
  • Repeats 10-11: 8.4 mph (Wow, this is weird, my legs moving like this! I don’t want to fall off of the machine!)
  • Repeat 12: 8.4 and 8.5 mph (Wanted to be done!!  It’s not even 6:45!)

I am so bummed – because of my having to teach next Tuesday night, I’m going to have to Gump it all alone again.  But, I’ll try to remember how it felt when I finished up today and try to feel that way again. Wish me luck!

P.S. I’m still working on my new Music Page – now that I’ve got my playlists back, it should move along faster! Also, I think I may be looking at races for the year, including a half marathon.  Maybe.