This is one of them. I’m out there for my run this morning, in the cold darkness of pre-pre-dawn, thinking everything is going well and thankful that I have a doctor’s appointment at 9:30, so I can leave home a bit later than normal. Everything’s going fine.  Around mile 3.5 or so, I’m on the main road.  Cars see me with my bright headlamp on, yet no one can seem to move more than 2 feet from me (I swear, if I straightened out my right arm, I could touch their cars and freak them out), and someone senses the need to remind me that they’re there, with a beep. That doesn’t bother me so much.

I should explain, I run on the roads a lot in the winter. The sidewalks are uneven, and they are covered in snow and ice.  Yes, I could wear the Stabilicers but they tend to hurt your feet a bit if you do end up running on dry patches for a while. It’s like wearing cleats on dry floor. You get the idea.  (Anyone from 32 North reading this though, please know, I still love them and wouldn’t wear anything else.)

Ok, I digress. So I’m running on the busy street and up in front of me, I see someone stumbling. I mean a lot. Like movie-type drunkness, where each foot is crossing way in front of the other. I’m thinking, it’s not even 7 a.m., maybe this guy has a problem and I should help him out.  I almost did run over to him but when I got up closer, I could hear him yell (over my headphones, which I try to keep somewhat lower sometimes so I can hear the traffic better) “You’re gonna get hit!” and not in a nice tone. “Maybe so, JACKASS, but at least I can run in a straight line.”  This is what I am thinking, but you know what, it’s not even 7 a.m. and I don’t feel like getting into an altercation so I just keep going on.

I should probably mention that this is the SECOND time in two weeks that I’ve been yelled at by someone clearly under the influence of something, either in liquid or some other form. It also happened on Christmas Eve when I was out for a run with my brother and some guy ran after us.  When my brother called the police to report it, the cop said “XX Grove Street, we’re already on it.”  Love our local cops.   SO WEIRD THOUGH!

Then, as I’m just about home, I see some 5 teenagers waiting for their bus. It’s about 7 a.m. now. All I hear out of them is the word “headlamp.” I tend to think it wasn’t complimentary. Whatever, lazy asses.  I swear, the teenagers I see in the morning – most of them are way overweight, and I see them smoking. Way to go, you idiot.  Spend some more time on the computer rather than getting outside and getting fresh air. How can anyone be so dumb to start smoking in this day and age? How can you avoid all the tv commercials that tell you how bad it is for your health?  (Although I have to say that there are two good kids who always say good morning to me, no matter what the weather. So, good kids, I’m not talking about you right now.)

So it’s already a sh&i$TY day.  I head off to my doctor’s appointment after showering and an uneventful walk with Ruthie (that’s a good thing in case you’re wondering.) It’s only supposed to be a 15 minute check-up. I get there in plenty of time and wait in my car until about 7 or 8 mins. beforehand and put my 4 quarters in the meter.  Well, the doctor ran late. It was still a 15 min. checkup, but I realized I needed toothpaste and a toothbrush – I forgot mine at home and have a dentist appointment this afternoon. So I stop (quickly) in CVS and get my goods. As I’m heading toward my car, who do I see but the lovely and oh-so-friendly neighborhood meter maid. (For those of you who might be local and are wondering, it’s the city of Somerville, where they must train them to be douchebags.) 

I swear, he must have been checking my meter, because I got to my car, literally ONE MINUTE after the damn thing expired. He hadn’t even started writing the ticket and I said, “I’ll throw a quarter in it now, I just got back.”  To which he answers “it’s too late.”  I said the thing just expired one minute ago, and he said “I wouldn’t know that,” and continued on writing, all the while he’s avoiding any attempt at eye contact.  I said “you know, usually I end up giving extra money to the city” (seriously, I do) and I said “I do know when it expired, because I know when I put the quarters in.” He continues writing and even though I’m standing RIGHT THERE, he tries to put it on the front of my car.  I was like “just give it to me.”

A $30 ticket.  I just paid $15 for my co-pay, so really that doctor’s appointment, which was just a check-up on my asthma, cost me $45.  NICE.

I can only imagine what’ll happen when I head off to the dentist this afternoon. Can hardly wait…

Anyway, I’m not normally like this anymore (at least I try to not be anymore).  I don’t like being mean to people.  So, I’m going to take a few deep breaths and hope the rest of this day doesn’t totally suck. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I got in 5.21 miles (thanks Garmin for the accuracy), average miles of 9:24. Considering I’ve not run that early in the morning due to the holidays and my being off from work, I’ll take it.

Thanks for listening to me vent.