My husband asked me tonight if I was Forrest. Of course I was!

I realized I neglected to say anything about our last workout. For those of you who don’t have track groups to run with, why don’t you try to run what we do? And just modify it accordingly?  Try it with a partner though – it is much, much easier to do with even just one more person.  That’s what I found every time Lis and I did track workouts during our marathon training.

Anyway, two weeks ago, that would have been Session 2, right before Christmas, we did the following either 3 or 4 times.  I was a “Running Yahoo” that night, and said to myself “eh, why not do 4?” Actually, I felt kind of guilty because my friend, Karen, was doing 4 repeats, so I pushed myself to do it 4 times.

  • 400 m, rest 1 min.  (2.75 laps)
  • 400 m, rest 1 min.  (ditto)
  • 800 m, rest 2 min. (5.5 laps)

Repeat, if desired.  Repeating this four times equals 4 miles, or on the track that we run, a total of 44 laps.  We were supposed to do the 400s at 5K pace, and the 800s at 10K pace.  Me, I like to push it when we’re inside, so I did the 400s at around 1:50 = 7:20 min pace (in case you’re trying to shift this over to “treadmill speak.”)  I tried to keep all of the 800s to 4 minutes or less.  Usually I was able to do about 3:58 or so.  However, the last time I did it, I did a 400, then an 800, and a 400.  They were slower but I was kind of drafting off of others for a bit too long. 

You know what, though? That’s alright. The 4th repeat was supposed to be for people who are training for marathons, which I really am not doing right now! I”m lucky if I’m running 3-4 miles in the mornings.  Having to walk Ruthie every morning definitely cuts into my training time, but you know what? I wouldn’t trade my walks with her for anything! She’s way too cute and gives me so much pleasure.   

Tonight’s workout (#3) was different than what I’ve done before, I think, due to the size of the track (remember, 11 laps = mile.) We did repeats of 300m.  If your weekly mileage is not that high, you were to aim for at least 8 repeats. I ended up running with Lynn, who is 56, and just so full of life.  She also says things like it is and she cracks me up.  We got passed by a guy at one point, and she yelled out once he was out of earshot “well, at least he’s good looking!” which just made me laugh.  Not a small feat when you’re doing track work!  Anyway, we got to 12 repeats, at about 38 sec pace per lap (7:12 pace) or 40 sec pace per lap (7:20 pace.) At that point, we were both like “ok, and we’re done now!”  🙂

I guess we’ll see over the next few days if I pushed it hard enough tonight.  After Session 2, I have to be honest, I felt it in my legs for over 24 hours!! (Oh, and I also felt nauseous after it too, and tonight I didn’t, thankfully!)

By the way, did anyone else see the note in the back of the recent Runner’s World about upcoming races, and the one that is a 10K that you can run on an indoor track? The answer to “Why to run it?” is “to wear shorts!” (Living in the NE, I totally get that!) It’s a .1 mile track, so you have to do 62 laps.  They even have people who are designated for each runner, to count laps (trust me, you’d lose count on a track that size.)  It made me laugh tonight when a few of us realized, our track is even smaller than that one!

Oh, and by the way, if any of you read Marathon Mama’s blog, she’s one of our coaches! How cool is that?