We got our second snowstorm of the year – but personally I didn’t really count the first one. And even this one, while it created tons of havoc, didn’t leave a ton of snow behind like others have, but that’s just because the snow was followed by a ton of rain, and if you can believe it, thunderstorms and fog this evening?!

Anyway, Bill looked at me like I’d gone insane this morning when he got up around 5:30 a.m., saw it was snowing, and then saw that I was getting dressed to head out. He was like “you’re really going out in this?!”  And I said “yeah, just around the lake.” I meant for two laps around the lake, but he thought just one.  Just 3.8 miles down for the day, but I couldn’t wait to get out there!  (For non-runners reading this blog, they’re thinking “that’s sick, and why would anyone want to do that?” The runners reading this blog know exactly what I was thinking.)

It was definitely coming down quickly, and it was the wet, heavy snow. The kind that can come down at about 1-2 inches per hour, if not more. I actually had fun out there, and on the first lap out there, I even found myself smiling. Yep, drivers must have thought, “who the hell is that insane person out here in the driving snow, smiling like a jackass?!”  There was something very invigorating about being the only one out there, having the snow fly into my face, knowing that if I could get myself out there in this type of weather, and actually enjoy it,  there’s pretty much nothing I can’t do.

I have to say this – I had NO FEAR OF FALLING. I was wearing my Stabilicers (Stabilicer Sport model) that I bought last winter, which are made for running. They slip on underneath your shoes, and then have an elastic strap that you put around your sneakers as well, definitely keeping them on tightly.  It probably helps that with a 7.5 shoe size, I am at the large end of the small size. (Still with me?)

Today was also my first day of this fall/winter running season where I went with three layers on top. For the first lap around the lake anyway. I felt too warm, way too quickly, so I stopped at my house, took the outer layer off, and kept on going.  After which, overheating was not a problem, but then I felt tired. Not sure why.  So  I may take a page from Lindsay over at the Chasing the Kenyans blog and try doing a warm base layer, tech shirt mid layer, and then my running jacket over the top, next time, and see if that keeps me warm enough.  I know, though, that will only work down to about 30 degrees, if it’s precipitating.   If it dips into the 20s, I need my fleece, and sometimes I’m fine with just two layers, as long as it’s not raining/snowing.

Anyway, if you do live in a colder climate, I highly suggest the Stabilicer Sport model.  The roads had not been plowed at all this morning when I was out there, and I felt like I had teeth on the bottom of my shoes.  I thought, this must be what mountain climbers must feel like – these things REALLY grip the road beneath them! I even felt fine when climbing my little overpass, and running down the other side. It was a very liberating feeling.  

The only thing that scared me was my husband’s words “don’t get hit by a plow” as I left the house. (And we thank you for your support, LOL!)   In fact, I wish I could have actually SEEN  more than one plow during my almost 2-hour drive to work today (18 miles in total in case you are wondering.)

Anyway, have to get to bed, mornings come way too early around here! But at least I get to go in late to work tomorrow so if I can get a run in in the morning, it’ll be in daylight – wahoo!!  (We’re down to a whopping 9 hours of daylight here on the East Coast.)

I  leave you all with a snowy picture I took this past Sunday – we only got about 2-3 inches that day.  The orangeish glow in the background is the sun trying to break through.  As you can see, it had its work cut out for it.

the beauty of the first snowfall of the season