Luckily for me, Chris is in town for two weeks, for work, so we ran the Race for a Cure 5K this morning in downtown Boston. Except for the sun, it was perfect weather for running, where I’m concerned. There was so much pink everywhere, it was awesome. You know me, I always start somewhere in the middle, and there were still people crossing the start line even after I’d been running for about 4-5 minutes.  There were tons of walkers and they were even cheering for the middle-of-the-packers!  I just found myself smiling, I couldn’t help it, seeing how happy people were. I didn’t even feel that first mile, which was my fastest. (Will I ever learn to not go out too fast?!) Today, the adrenaline got to me, I admit it.

I don’t have pictures, but rest assured I wore a lot of pink.  Socks with pink edging, bright fuschia pink shirt, black shorts with lots of pink on them. My hat was white but I put the “eye glare stickers” on the top of my hat, and the chrono D timing chips were hot pink!  And I had on pink lipstick and pink blush. 🙂

I think, overall, the race is well organized. I would have liked to see mile markers but there were water stops close to each of the “mile” points, so I guess you could have relied on just them. But you all know me, of course I was a running nerd, and wore my Garmin. It told me I ended up running 3.16 miles. Ah, well.

I think Chris may have wanted to kill me this morning. He thought the race started at 8:30, so I think he wondered why I was dilly-dallying near my car once we parked. (I’m high maintenance when it comes to running, I had to make sure I had all of my gear set up.) An extra perk – right after we parked, a lady pulled in with an SUV behind me, and I saw it was Donna, a lady I sometimes run with on Saturdays, another MVSer!  But we had to register, so it was a short reunion.  That woman is amazing – she’s running 22 miles tomorrow, so she was walking today with a group of friends, one of whom I think is a cancer survivor.

At first, Chris and I lined up together. I realized we were in the 10-minute mile range, and I knew that, despite my not running so often lately, that would put me in a spot that would have me doing a lot of weaving in the beginning. Chris told me that he was going to take it easy and that he wouldn’t be talking to me anyway if we ran together, so I asked him if he minded if I moved up a bit. He didn’t, so we set up a place to meet each other afterwards and not lose each other.

Anyway, the course was extremely flat, and part of the first mile had you running toward the city of Boston’s skyline (it started at the Seaport World Trade Center, which is right along the water.) You turn around after about .3 miles, and then start heading away from the city.  After I hit maybe the first mile mark or so, I realized we could see the winner, a male, coming back in our direction. Can you imagine? I’d only been running for something like 8-9 minutes at this point, and here this guy was, almost done.  And there was no one around him for quite a while at that point. (As I look at the results, I now see that the second guy must have caught up to him, or at least gotten close.)  I screamed out for this guy, and a whole bunch of people clapped, and you know how usually the leader is in a zone at this point? Well, this guy looked at all of us, gave us a big smile and waved. How cool is that?

I found during mile 2 and 3, that I definitely need to get back to speedwork, and running on a more regular basis, again, and at a better pace than what I’ve been doing. And core work, definitely. I felt stomach cramps whereas before I usually didn’t get them, while running at these paces. I walked for a short bit between 1.4 and 1.5ish, and ate some of my sports beans (I’d been up since about 5:30 at this point and needed something more than the granola bar Chris had nabbed for me.) And I walked for a tiny bit past mile 2, and got myself some water in a bit. So, I’m quite surprised at my “average” pace and splits on my Garmin.

  • Mile 1: 8:23
  • Mile 2: 9:01
  • Mile 3: 9:14
  • extra .16: 7:53 pace (didn’t feel like I could sprint at that point but I guess I was doing alright)
  • Garmin time: 27:55, official net time for the race: 27:44.
  • Garmin average pace: 8:50
  • Official average pace: 8:59

There were a total of 2362 people (but it felt like more).  Here are the race results on Cool Running.

  • Place overall: 750/2362
  • Place in division (Females, 30-39): 97/508 (yep, totally shocked about that!)

It was cool to be in a race again – it’s been about 2 months since my last one, so this was fun. And if you’re wondering how I could run today and not last week, well, I’m on antibiotics now. I went to the doctor this week and found out it was basically my sinuses making me miserable. I love antibiotics.

Now I can’t wait for the Tufts 10K in a few weeks, on Columbus Day!


p.s. For those of you with wordpress blogs, what is this that it looks like the default on my blog is to “not” allow comments? WTH?