I’ve run a total of 4 times in the past two weeks, and tomorrow would have made it 5. You all know this is just not like me. But I’ve not felt myself over the past two weeks, either, health-wise. Stress at work has already brought two of us down, and a few others are feeling those annoying “tickles” you get at the start of something.  I’ve been taking mucinex and echinichea and lots of vitamin C, and cold-eeze now for the past week or so. This morning, I woke up, and it hurt when I coughed. And then, not to be gross, got rid of some green stuff that was sitting in my lungs.

Once I took the  muxinex DM for the day, it didn’t hurt as much, but it’s this dry annoying cough I’ve got now.  I’ve thought it over and knowing I’d likely be going by myself to the race in the morning, I’m going to sit this one out. I went and picked up my race number today and was delighted to see I’d registered early to get a long sleeved technical shirt, which actually looks pretty cool. And that the money they make from the Lone Gull 10K goes to Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for terminally ill kids and their parents to go to.

I’m bummed. This was going to be my first 10K of this year. It’s a distance I really like. The race runs along the ocean for a good few miles. That’s also actually part of the reason I’ve decided to sit it out. Everyone says you shouldn’t run when a cold has settled in your chest, I definitely know that. I know that at race time, it’s going to be pretty cool in Gloucester, and the wind coming off of the ocean will make it feel even colder. That, and I don’t want to think about how I’d feel afterward, sweaty and cold walking back to my car, still fighting whatever bug I’ve gotten and can’t get rid of.  I’ve been in that “i feel like i’m sick” or “i feel like i’m getting sick” mode now for over a week, and I’m just sick of it. I’m not feeling like myself, but not feeling bad enough to just stay home and stay in bed all day either. Know what I mean? But I’ve got another busy week ahead of me and I can’t afford to get totally knocked out. The Tufts 10K is calling and that’s in a short three weeks.  And, Lis is not running it with me after all. Her shin splints have come back and reared their ugly head, so she had to take some time off, and didn’t think running 6.2 miles on hard surfaces was going to help things. I agree.

So, tomorrow, I think I’ll just go to the gym and ride the bike. After sleeping for a long time. Last night, it was a battle to stay up until 9. Then I was in bed until almost 8 this morning. Again, another thing that’s pretty unlike me, unless I”m pretty worn down. This just sucks. But I know it’s for the better in the long run. And it’s not like my running has been stellar lately either. I’ve had a hard time motivating myself lately.

Anyway, I hope everyone else gets some good runs in this weekend.