I’ve just been extremely busy this past week since coming back from vacation. And I’ve taken a short break from running. Just for a few days because I was feeling burnt out. Now I don’t feel like I have the same energy level. And my mood has not been that great. I’ve been stressed at work.   Having problems focusing on things.  Trying to spend lots of time walking Ruthie who we call a politician, because she’s never met a person who has petted her that she’s ever forgotten.  (She’s been one of the few bright spots this week.)  Guess I should get back to running, huh?

I’ve been very busy with my freelance research to keep up with M’s goals, before the fall semester gets completely insane for the two of us. Actually, the fall semester is already going to start getting underway for me, in a week or two. I have felt like a tsunami is approaching now, for several days. I moved offices, and that always takes a while to get settled in.

My mom and I did have a good vacation together down in PA.  I am not saying I want to be Amish or anything, but I think there is something to be said for not living life at such a frenetic pace, where you constantly feel like you have to be doing a million things at one time.  The countryside down there is just gorgeous.  Lots and lots of rolling hills, a few of which I actually ran up and down, too.  I did take picture and promise to post them for you.   

I did promise pictures of Ruthie.  She really is adorable and we’ve taken to call her our Yellow Shadow as she follows us from room to room and as I write this, she is napping behind my chair in the dining room.   She has made herself quite at home on our couch upstairs, as you can see.

Anyway, sorry for the absence, but I’ve just been finding it hard to get all things done, every day, and still keep some sense of sanity.  I hope you’re still out there reading!