As if you couldn’t tell by the fact that I have not blogged in over a week, or been able to read many of your other blogs, I’ve been busy!! Getting up some mornings and sitting at my computer by 5:15 and doing research.  Thursday night, had a vet appointment and ate dinner at about 8:30 or 9, to get to bed by a little after 10.  Oh yeah, the vet appointment cost over $450!! So, my freelance work will really come in handy now, as Bill and I are rapidly finding out just how expensive it is to own a dog. Not complaining, just shocked…  (and luckily the research is really coming along now.  I really get into legal historical stuff. I know, I’m a super dork.)

Ran 5 miles this morning – we are finally getting real summer weather here in Boston – it’s about time! This was our first week where the temps were over 80 every day.  So, I’m finally acclimatizing – I can’t believe I just said that and it’s August 1st!

Anyway, I’m off to PA for a few days with my mom. We have family and one of her oldest friends is down in southeastern PA. Actually, that’s where I was born, in Reading, PA.  It’s a very beautiful area, one that many associate with the Amish. 

So, I will likely not be posting on the blog much (had a hard time with the iPhone app, maybe I”m just stupid or something), but if you follow me on Twitter – my name is “middlepackgirl,” I’ll try to tweet and include pics when I can.  I’ll miss my husband and our pets, especially since we just got Ruthie last week. She’s acclimating to us and we to her. She’s slowly getting over her fear of walking up a lot of stairs, with lots of love and encouragement from her mom.  Ahem, that’s me. Will post pics of her on here if you’re curious. She’s a beautiful, sweet, 3 year old yellow lab.

I’ll be back  posting and reading blogs on Thursday!