They say you are supposed to have a goal every day for your run.  So today’s was pretty pure and simple. Check out new neighborhoods and have fun. Try running without my headphones for a change and just connecting with the world. No worry about time or pace, but distance should be between 4 and 5 miles. Walk if you want to and don’t feel any guilt, especially since it’s almost 10 a.m. in the hot sun.

So, I did.  It’s funny how we can become creatures of habit. Usually when I leave my house for my 4-5 mile runs, I do a loop that brings be back home at the end. I always somehow go to the “left” out of my neighborhood but never to the right. Hm, I wonder why that is. Is it the amount of cars that will be buzzing by me? The neighborhoods I will see? The amount of sun/shade I can guarantee to myself I’ll run by?

Anyway, today I ran to the “right.”  I may have mentioned on this blog a few times – I’ve enjoyed reading books by Cheryl Richardson, particularly her book, The Unmistakeable Touch of Grace.  I even downloaded one of her apps onto my iPhone.  You juggle cards when you need inspiration.  So I did this morning and picked an “awake card” and it said something like “live in the now; it’s the only moment that is important.”

 As I ran to the right, I saw a street called Grace Drive. So I thought, hm, never been down that way before, why not today? So I did, and found an absolutely beautiful neighborhood. I came back out onto the main road at Melody Street. Further along, I found another very quiet neighborhood whose street names, I discovered, were all named after flowers: Larkspur, Bellflower, Primrose. Beautiful, right? I know, I know, every town has neighborhoods like that  It was pretty warm when I ran so I didn’t care about my pace, or if I stopped to walk.  I was too engrossed in learning about my new surroundings.

However, it did occur to me that on a Monday, there seemed to be a lot of cars in driveways.  This made me wonder – do all these people all have the same day off as me? Are they on vacation? Or are all these people out of work? Because I live in an area where there isn’t much mass transit, at least, these people would have to drive to the commuter rail and then park there for the day. It’s too far to walk.  Is the economy really that much in the crapper?  I know MA is in a bad state – our unemployment is just about in the double digits, but I think we are lucky compared to states like that of my sister, MI, which now has about 14% unemployment, thanks to the auto industry.

Anyway, these are the random thoughts that go through my head sometimes when I’m out there. Also, when I’m running with my music turned off.   That’s right folks. You read that correctly. I had my headphones on but to be honest, felt a bit like they were more annoying than helpful today.  Who knows, I might even try running again without them, just not this Thursday night for the Weston 5-Miler.  I’ve pre-registered and am all set. Now I just hope the weather cooperates and is not disgustingly hot. Because God knows, we have not acclimated to the heat here yet. It was 81 today but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 68 and raining all day. How can we ever get acclimatized with weather like this?!

Anyway, off to bed, getting up at 4ish to either run or ride the bike at the gym, weather depending. I’m not averse to the rain, I just don’t want to run in a downpour for 50 minutes.

By the way, you may not have heard unless you follow me on Twitter, but this Saturday, Bill and I are adopting a yellow lab from a Lab Rescue in Indiana.   Her name is Ruthie, and she’s 3 years old. She was initially picked up as a stray, with a litter of puppies.  She’s around 40ish pounds, and she just looks so adorable.  (So my last goal for today was to do Research for Ruthie – i.e., find new routes to take her on walks/jogs.)

I can’t wait for Ruthie to get here on Saturday – she’s going to LOVE the neighborhoods I found today. Lots of quiet streets where we can safely walk! I can’t wait to post pictures of her for you all to see what a sweetie she is.  And who knows, maybe I’ll have a new running partner to help motivate me in the mornings?!