The expo was pretty well organized.  I picked up my bib and my brother’s. He’s in the orange wave and I’m in the gray wave, because I guestimated at 90 minutes to do the race, after I saw the elevation chart, and also took into account when I signed up that I might be running in hot heat and humidity. (Clearly I signed up way before the last month of weather, during which our temps barely broke 70.)

I don’t think you can track us, it’s too short of a race. But I’m bib 7886 and he’s 1275.  He’s going to try to start with me anyway and run with me, which I totally didn’t expect. I did tell him I’ll be wearing my iPod so I can run at my faster pace of in the 9 minute range, if I can (except for The Beast, which I expect to slow everyone down between mile 3 and 4.)  So, at that pace, I’m not sure I can talk the whole way but I’m going to try. And he can be my pacer, I know he’s good at it.  He’s used to running next to me with those on, and hearing me talk back in a much louder voice than normal.

So, wish us luck.  I’ve got my outfit picked out, I will either look like the Lady in Pink (complete with the Pink Camelbak), or like a bottle of pepto-bismol, take your pick.  Should be really fun, they are expecting about 11,800 runners for the 15K, so it should look like a total sea of humanity at the beginning and for most of the race. 🙂 I really hope to not have to weave back and forth the whole time, so we’ll see how it goes. 

Temps supposed to be in the 60s when we start, and the thunderstorm just rolled through a few minutes ago.

Wish us luck! And thanks so much for the words of encouragement from everyone.  What I plan on putting on my back is this, and I can hope it can inspire others as just thinking about it on the drive home did for me last night. (Thanks to Bailey and Willie for their great mottos.)

Run Like You Mean It.

Run Fearless

And if you’re fast, please take me with you!