Those of you who read Runner’s World know what I’m talking about when I use the phrase, “Rave Run.”  I always look at those gorgeous pictures and think, “wow, it would be so nice to have somewhere to run like that, someplace that is so beautiful.”  Normally, I’ve just got the neighborhoods around my house.  That is, except for when I go to the Cape.  Cape Cod.  A little sliver of land that looks like an arm held out and in the midst of a bicep curl. 

Bill’s parent have a house in the mid-Cape area (think of the part that would be the elbow, and that’s mid-Cape.)  Within a mere mile, a short warm-up, I can be staring at the sands of the bay, out across Nantucket Sound, and at the ocean. That’s what I saw on both of my runs this week while on vacation.  Both runs were much later than I’d normally do them, around 9 or 10 a.m., but the ocean breeze made it really comfortable.  Yesterday, there were a lot of people out walking and I said to a few of them, how nice it was to be outside in the sunshine for a change, and their smiles in reply told me that they definitely agreed.  One lady even gave me a cheer as I ran by her the first time and a huge smile when I passed her on my return trip.

Both runs were short – 4 miles on Wednesday and 5 on Thursday, because this Sunday is the Boilermaker Race at home in Utica, NY.  Many of you run big city marathons with 40-50K people. For me, this is my big city marathon of sorts. It’s 10,000 people running just over 9 miles.  My brother in law has advised that I line up at the start with the people who would have a finish time of 10 minutes faster than what I am expecting to do, so I don’t get stuck weaving and weaving and weaving at the beginning.

Just now, I got back from a 2.1 mile run.  Yep, pretty short but I’m saving my legs for Sunday. I just wanted to get the lead out.  Now, I’ve got to get showered and finish re-packing (just got home from the Cape last night) and get on the road! Unfortunately Bill can’t make the trip with me as he’s now out of vacation time and I’m not coming back until Monday, and his sister is expecting a baby as of Wednesday so he wants to stay close to home. My sister and her kids left a few hours ago and I’m going to see them again tonight at dinner.  Her three kids are pretty amazing, but I don’t  know how she keeps up with all of it and doesn’t just collapse every night!   My brother in law is injured, so he may run the 5K on  Sunday instead of the 15K, or not run at all (the two races have different starting locations and times.)  But my brother and I are both running – yay! 

Anyway, to everyone else out there racing this weekend, good luck, and to everyone else, happy running! I’ll try to post from my mom’s house  if I get a chance as I downloaded the WordPress app to my iPhone but I think I might have trouble posting to it, either that or I need to figure  out how to work it better.