Normally, I attend track practice on Tuesday nights. However, lately, especially when doing 200s, I’ve been feeling sharp, shooting pains in my right quad  muscle.  I tried changing my gait last week, trying to keep my legs from kicking up too high behind me, and keeping my arms down low, so I could still try to keep up a fast pace. That helped some, but when I looked at the workout scheduled for tonight, I just didn’t think it would be the prudent thing to do.  It involved 20 2oos.  I so love that short distance and the burst of speed that I can usually generate but lately it just causes pain.  That really bums me out.

Tuesday is my flex day off during the summer. I live for Tuesdays now!

I had dinner with Chris, the Gibtown Runner, last night, who is in town for work again.  If you read his blog, you know he’s trying to get a team together for the Ragnar Relay in Arizona in Feb. 2010.  I am seriously considering doing it but I do have fears about it at the same time.  As I said to Chris, when I first wake up in the morning and think about it, part of me says, “just tell Chris  ‘No!’ for sure,  just say ‘No!'”   Then I get out there running, and it helps to think of what it’d be like to meet people in person, feel like part of a team, and how knowing I’m depending on others and they are depending on me can be such a motivation to keep on going. (And yes, the idea of walking when the van is out of sight has crossed my mind, LOL!)  Then, I looked at the training for intermediate runners that is suggested on the race website, and I’m like “Are you friggin kidding me?  Three runs in the same day in January? No way in hell!”

I was inspired by Felice, the Happy Runner, to attempt to do 2 runs in the same day.  (You can click here to read her post.)  Like her, my first run of the day was crap. Ironically, my legs feel better now, at the end of the day, than they did before and after the first run of the day.

My first run this morning was 6.22 miles. Crap, complete crap. Maybe it was the humidity, maybe it was because it was my “hilly” run. Maybe it was because I couldn’t figure out if I should try to do it at my regular pace, or whether I should do it at a purposedly “easy” pace.   Maybe it was that I was getting a bit bored of my playlist. I tend to think it was the humidity and the overused playlist.  Anyway, I walked for very short distances, but frequently. At one point, I realized I was quite hot, and ended up taking off my shirt, which felt a million times better.  Also, I didn’t carry water, but stopped back at my house after 4.4, and took a lot of gulps of my propel water, plus a few Endurolytes.  After that, I definitely felt better, if a bit spacey (not sure about that, honestly) and the loop around my lake (which is awesomely flat) was much better, pace-wise and otherwise.

This evening, I only did 3.5 miles, and that was enough.  However, there really wasn’t much of an urge to walk, and the pace was much more even, about 9.33 for the entire 3.5 miles.  I made sure to listen to another playlist of mine, one which I hadn’t listened to lately, so it was almost like some of  the songs were “new” again.  Anyone else out there ever feel like that with some of your music?

It could have been that I knew the run tonight was supposed to be easy, that was the goal.  It could have been that I just knew it was going to be shorter and could relax.  It could have been because the route was more flat (I’m sure that had something to do with it.) It could have been that it was less humid.  It could have been the food or fruit I ate today in the interim.  Whatever it was, it just felt better this evening.

Now, could I do that for about 9-10 more miles over a 24 hour period?  In Arizona?  In February?  I’m not sure, but I’m getting closer to saying yes.  Now I need to check out air fares. 

Am I going to do this every Tuesday I have off this summer?  Probably not, I’m not insane.  But it is nice to see that my legs are still attached to my body.

My brother really wants to do the race, and it’d be an awesome experience to share with him too., if we can both afford it. We’d be traveling from Boston and NYC, so the flights won’t be cheap.   He’d be a great person to have on our team – he’s already done a relay like this twice in Texas.  He won’t care that not everyone is as fast as him (he’s hoping to qualify for a 3rd time, for Boston, this fall in Philadelphia.  My fingers, legs, and toes are already crossed for him.) He’s already offered to do a more difficult leg for me if need be.  (Hell, Lindsay’s already offering to do 12 mile legs for me!  I’ve told her to be wary of offering that sort of thing to me – I just might take her up on it.)

Do you hear me, Chris, I’m getting closer to saying yes, and sending you that check, so help me!

Two unrelated matters:

(1) Has anyone ever heard this singer before?  Would you expect this voice to come out of someone this young? At times she reminds me of Bonnie Tyler!

Lesley Roy, Slow Goodbye

(2)  You know you are getting too  much rain when your deck’s welcome mat starts to sprout weeds. I am not kidding about this, I will need to take a picture of it tomorrow to prove it.  🙂

Thanks for reading, and have a good run on the roads and trails everyone!