Seriously, people, I’m not exaggerating, I was beginning to forget what it felt like to have the sun on my face.   I was beginning to feel like we live in Forks, Washington, the fictional town in the Twilight series. It finally came out today. Hallelujah!

I did my usual 4.5-5 miles this morning, starting around 5:40ish.  Low 60s, but seriously, about 98% humidity. There was lots and lots of fog, making me glad that I can run on the sidewalks now and not in the streets like I do all winter.  I saw a turtle swimming really fast in the lake near me, that was pretty cool!  Those of you who have lived in the country, or smallish towns will probably understand me when I say that there was so much moisture in the air, you could literally smell it.

Some mornings, it can be really lonely out there that early.  Last week, I said a silent prayer I’d see a triathlete swimming in Silver Lake near my house, and it came true. Seeing someone else out there that early really lifted my spirits, and my speed.

Some mornings, such as today, even if it is lonely, I don’t mind.  It can be the music on my iPod, or my mood that keeps me going.  This morning it was both, and the thought of possibly doing the Ragnar Relay as Chris over at Gibtown Runner is trying to organize.  

This morning, I thought of what it might be like to meet a lot of my fellow bloggers in person, and how surreal that might be.  I thought of what it would be like to be part of a true team, and how running 3 times in a 24 hour period would really test each of us.  I know I can be a true bitch when I don’t get my sleep (I can see and hear my family members reading this laughing now) – could I really keep that in check? Can I really get in all the training I’d need, considering how cold it is here that time of year?  Not to mention the snow? What would it be like to be running in February and not be covered in 3 layers on top and bottom?  What would it be like to be out there running in the middle of the night and not be all alone doing it?  That last thought was at once shocking and oddly comforting, and made me smile to myself.

Now, I just hope that it won’t become prohibitively expensive for my brother and I to join in the fun.

That’s what kept me going today.  Even when I didn’t see one other runner.  Even when the quad pain started up a small bit (worries me, I admit, but I will do the Boilermaker in July if I have to crawl to the end.)   And Willie, since you enjoy hearing about races in the Northeast, I’ll try to provide lots of details about that race, as well as many pictures!

Ok, gotta hit the hay – since we finally have some sun here, and it’s humid out, like I expect it to be in July in Utica, I will probably run a very short, easy run tomorrow morning, maybe just 3 miles or so, to keep acclimatizing to it.  I need to be in two weeks.

Thanks for reading.