So much to do/mention, so little time! I’ve got to get to bed so I can get up around 4 a.m., but here’s the gist:

  • Work: guess I can mention this now – I am going to be able to do Foreign, Comparative and International Law librarianship again. It’s what I did at my old job two years ago, with a much smaller collection. I loved that part of my job there, and am looking forward to being able to do it with a HUGE collection (of course I need to learn more foreign languages, and do the best with what I can read until then.) I have good colleagues who are willing to work with me and help me learn our collection. Did I mention IT’S HUGE?  Sean, please never hesitate to ask if you need help with finding anything!
  • Pets:  Bill and I are thinking of getting a doggie companion.  Penny has just been amazing at helping me figure out what to get, answering a lot of my questions, suggesting quizzes I should take, etc.  I’m really looking forward to getting out there in the early a.m. with a doggie friend!
  • Boilermaker Prep and my weekend with my mom:  Unfortunately, my trip home got cut short. I had a temporary crown in my mouth that broke off. Of course, Saturday night at dinner.  280 miles from home and from my dentist. Came back on  Sunday, rather than Tuesday. Ugh. But we did get in our reconnaissance, and I feel better about the course. The ridiculous hill/mountain in the middle of it is more like a “switchback” on a golf course, so I’ll be able to see thousands of people in front of and in back of me.  That’ll be cause for motivation.  The course hills seem gradual in many places, or maybe more like what I am used to. Was happy to see that.  Can’t wait to run in front of such large crowds, my mom said it’s like the end line of the Boston Marathon but through the entire city of Utica, there will be tons of people everywhere. 50,000 people at the finish line party. NICE!
  • Vacation: starts on July 3rd, can’t wait!!!!
  • Track workout last night – quad pain started up again when we hit the 200s, but not as bad as last time. Iced when I got home and it was better. Still worries me though, although it didn’t hurt when doing an under 8 minute mile pace for a whole mile.
  • Gibtown’s Ragnar Relay: What the hell am I thinking? What have I done? Putting myself down as a strong maybe?!  I’m used to running in 3 layers in February, not one!!
  • Book:  still working on it! Still trying to do research for M too!  Still have to send in my submission for the Runner’s Lounge book, since they changed publishers and a bit of the theme!

Ok, time to get to sleep, I’ve got to get up in less than 7!