I had a great run on Thursday, the kind of run that runners run for. The kind during which you feel strong, and that you can run forever. Good conditions, cloudy, and cool.

Today’s run was more like two runs, with a break in between. The first 4.5 were like hell, in really humid and sunny conditions.  (Think 70+ degrees, with over 90 percent humidity. It feels much hotter.)  I’m not complaining because I need to get used to that weather if I want to run the Boilermaker in July and be acclimatized.  It is usually very hot and humid in central NY in mid-July.  My first 4.5 were my hilly route, and yes, they were slow, but I was just trying to get used to the humidity and wake up at the same time.

I headed home, and was debating whether or not to stop for a bathroom break at my house or just keep going. Something told me to stop, so I did as a precaution. I think I also needed the mental break to pull myself together. The remaining 5, while not at a speedster pace (and that’s ok, this is Long Run Saturday after all), were much more solid.  I felt much more solid too.

The only bad thing about the run today, other than the humidity of 90+% (like I said, I need to get used to it again) was that I wore my new Adrenaline 9s, just to try them out. I now have a blister on the back of my right ankle. WTH?

I am now heading home to my mom, and will be checking out the Boilermaker course so I can put my mental plan together and not be so freaked out by the large hill/mountain in the middle.  When I get back, I can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs and see what everyone is up to.  (And whatever will Bill do without me? other than yell out “runner!” all by himself whenever he sees one, as he does now anyway.)

Oh, and good news about my job. Starting in August, I get to do what I’ve been waiting for over two years to do.  I can’t put it all on the blog just yet, though, because not everyone has been told their roles yet.  More to come on that later!

Good running and weather to you all!