I’m feeling a bit dizzy when I stand up – if I remember correctly from  my abdominal surgery a few years ago, that means it’s working.  Now I just wish it would really kick in where the aching is in my mouth.

As you might have guessed, I had some dental work today.  I took myself directly to the local Walgreens where I got my prescriptions filled, and bought some beefaroni and spaghettios.  Then I came home, and have been working, off and on, on a form for work.  We are going through a reorganization – or will have it in place anyway, by August 10th.

This is probably the only time in my life that I’ll be asked for input on what I’d like to do. So, of course, it’s very hard to write.  I’ve gone back and forth many times in my mind about what I’d like to do.  I do know that I’d like to feel like I”m learning more on a daily basis – for a while now, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been stagnating. We’ve all kind of been in a holding pattern at work for a while now – due to the reorganization and also because of the economy, with everyone being unsure as to whether people would accept voluntary retirement packages, and the possibility of layoffs ever looming in the background.  Our library seems to be in better shape than others because we’ve been holding lots of positions open for quite some time now, and we also have a director that really “gets” how to explain why our existence is so vital to our university.  But still, if you’ve ever been laid off, you never feel entirely safe again in any job. Ever.

One thing is for sure – this form will need a lot of reviewing by me tomorrow to make sure I’m not asking for unicorns, bunnies, and monkeys to fly out of my butt (READ: the “percocet talking” can’t appear in this document.)

Because of my mouth, my legs, and this narcotic, I may take tomorrow off from running.  I had originally planned on it, but I don’t think two days off in a row will kill me, especially when I think of how my legs hurt last night.  As many of you have said to me recently, it’s better to run for life than to run for just the short-term.  And I don’t want to fall over from the drugs and be human roadkill.

Until then, I wish you all good running and good frozen vegetables.  They’re not just to eat anymore, but are good for ice packs, whether it be on your legs, or held against your mouth! Speaking of, I think I have a date with my freezer now. 


Oh, and this is totally unrelated, other than the fact that I’ve seen the advertisement for this show several times today since I’ve been home, but how many of you out there can hardly wait for the new Melrose Place?! I grew up on that show and Beverly Hills!

Watch this scene below, and try to not be creeped out by the fact that Laura Leighton’s character also slept with David’s dad, Michael Mancini, in the original series!

Readers, don’t leave me – I’ll be back to normal tomorrow, I promise!