This sucks. Frozen fruits are for smoothies, not for my legs.  And frozen veggies are for cooking, not my legs.  This is not a normal after-track routine for me. 

I had to stop partway through tonight. Another thing that is not like me. 

Last week, I felt a bit of pain in my quads, specifically my right one.  I chalked it up that night to not  having stretched properly.  And this past Monday, I attempted to do a tempo run.  Something just didnt’ feel right. I thought maybe it was just a mental problem, my not being into it, or not having been completely awake to do something like that before 6 a.m. But I think my legs were not completely at 100% either.

So tonight they had us do one 1600 at what we thought could be a 10K pace. Well, another girl named Chrissy, and I decided we’d just run together and we did it in 8:12.  If we’d been doing a time trial, I would have tried to go faster but that was not the goal tonight.  We were able to talk pretty well the whole way whicih was good. I don’t think realistically I could keep up that pace for 6.2 miles, but it was comfortable nonetheless.

Then they had us do an 800 at what we thought would be 5K pace, with the goal of the second 400 being a negative split. We did that just fine – first 400 at 1:53 and second 400 around 1:45 or so.  Then came the 400s, and this is where my pain kicked in again.  As soon as I started, I said “ow” really loud, and pulled back from  Chrissy.  I managed to finish in 1:43 or 1:45 or so, but it definitely hurt. It felt like someone was taking a knife and stabbing it into my quad muscle.

We were supposed to do another 400 and then they were all going to do relays of 200s, where each person ended up running 8 of them.  You know how much I LOVE 200s.  As Bill says, those are “my thing.”  I love sprinting like that – they told people tonight they should feel like they are gliding, and that’s how I feel running them. But tonight I really didn’t think that was the smart way to go.

I did feel like a bit of a wimp because there was another woman that did the whole workout and complained of the same pain, but you know what?  I remembered how Lis felt last year when she finally had to admit defeat for the first time against her shin splints and sit out some long runs.  I remembered saying to her it was more important that she run the actual marathon rather than our 17 miler. And that’s what I kept saying to myself tonight. It is much, much, MUCH more important to me to run the Boilermaker with my family in a month than it is to run through the entire speed workout tonight.  I can do speedwork every week but I can only do the Boilermaker once. And, I don’t know when the next time will come when I can run a race with my brother and brother in law, and  have my mom, and my sister and her kids all watching and cheering for us. It doesn’t happen very often that we are all in the same place at once.

So, anyway, my coach had me try to run a  mile but at a pace where I didn’t feel pain.  To slow down to about 8 or 8:30 pace was alright for that distance. I stretched a bit and then tried to do a bit of a shuffle/cooldown. I did that for one lap and then I just decided to walk and stretch a bit. 

When I got home tonight, all I can say is that my quads have not hurt like this (and particularly my right one) since I ran the marathon last fall.  Honestly, every step I took downward hurt like hell. It even hurt to get out of the car.

The cold veggies and fruits feel really cold, but really nice.

My coach said he thinks part of it is growing  pains, literally and figuratively, as I’m getting faster. He asked me if I was a triathlete because in his words, I have muscular legs. And I believe he said I look like I have lots of Twitch Type II fibers in my legs, which explains why I am much better/faster at shorter distances, than people like my brother who just stays tall and quite lean no matter how much he exercises or eats. When I told him I was not a triathlete (I’m a sinker, not a swimmer), but that I rode the bike at least once per week, that made a lot of sense to him given my quad muscles.

So, anyway, this sucks, but if the icing will help, that’s what I am going to do. He wants me to stretch even more than what I already do, and also to use the ice 3 times per day. I sincerely hope he’s right and that it is just growing pains.

Anyway, I don’t want to end this on a downer note – so here’s a song whose message I really like. Enjoy!

Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day

And wow, I’ve neglected my music page for way too long, so it’s also going there RIGHT NOW!