Yep, a post that covers a whole lot of ground. Or, none at all, depending on your viewpoint.

So, I got a bit of good news yesterday.  Bad for my brother, in a way, but good for me. He was trying to get into a certification coaching class (heads up, everyone, he could be on the market soon as a coach!) during the same weekend as the Boilermaker.  But it turns out the class is full, so he is now going to be able to run the Boilermaker in July!

As for his training, he said he just started up running again a few weeks ago, and he laughed when he said he’s only been running about 17 miles per week.  Um, some weeks that’s all I do, because I cross-train/strength-train on my 5th day, and I take two days off during the week. One is out of necessity, otherwise I’d be exercising about 8 hours after my track workouts (not really suggested to have your workouts that close together, I think) and the other day off is usually after my long run.

So, I’ve asked him to please not embarrass the hell out of me and kick my ass at this race, since he’ll only have been back running for about 6 weeks by then, and I’ll actually have been focusing and training for this race! 🙂  He said he is going to treat it as his “long” run for the week, and not really race it, but I have a feeling he’ll still beat me by at least 20-30 minutes without even trying.

Oh, and because this is my day off, and I have to go to a local Friends of the Library meeting tonight (I’m on the Board), rather than my track practice, I went to the gym today.  I re-did my 4 minute plank!!!!!!!!

Yay, it was not a fluke last week! And for the record, yes, it does make me break a sweat. I was shaking like a bowl full of jelly during that last minute or 75 seconds but that’s when I’m told your muscles are really working. I stayed off of my legs for most of the time I was there because  my right quad muscle hurt yesterday when I attempted to do a 5K tempo run. (Obviously it did not go well.)

Ok, need to get back to research and writing.  I’m researching stuff for M about our chapter and article, and want to do just some writing for myself today because it’s been a few days and I want to keep the creativity going. I start to feel kind of down now when I don’t get the chance to write, even if it’s only for about 20 minutes or so.  I’d say that’s a good thing, and it means that it’s become another good release for me, in addition to running.

By the way, can we play “name this herb”?  We planted it in our garden last year and didn’t successfully uproot last fall. It started coming back on its own this spring, and we have no idea what it is. Our neighbor, who has gardened for 25 years or so, tasted it and said it tastes good but he had no idea. I know some of you are also gardeners out there, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Can you name this herb?

Can you name this herb?