As I sit here writing this, it’s still light out. And for that, I’m so grateful.  I get up in the dark, but with the days getting longer, it’s not very long until I can see the sun rise.  Most days anyway. This morning it was so overcast it took my Garmin quite a long time to connect with all the satellites. I finally said “oh let’s just get on with it” after holding my wrist up to the sky (because  you know, those few extra inches make all the difference, I’m sure.) As soon as I started running, those satellites kicked right in!

I was very grateful for how peaceful it was this morning. I started running at 5:37 (you all know how accurate those satellites are for telling time.)  It’s amazing the difference in road traffic between then and just an hour later, when I’m usually halfway through my run. I didn’t see one other runner the entire time.

I’d like to say thanks to Glenn for his comment about my comfortable pace now probably having moved up from 10 minutes. Glenn, I think you’re right, although it might not be at 8:45 yet!  (Hopefully soon though!) Total distance was 4.73 miles, in 44:37.  Average pace of 9:26.  And I made sure I ran more hills today than I usually do, on 5-6 hours of sleep. 

It’s funny – there is usually a hill or two (or maybe I should just call them inclines compared to what I am sure some of you out there run) that I dread, or stress a bit about.  This morning, at one point, I thought to myself, “hey when does that big hill come in on this run?” and then I realized with a shock, I’d already run it.  It hadn’t even registered.

Pretty cool, huh?

I think one change that I made for the better was to drink Propel after my morning cup of coffee. I have found that Propel definitely helps me to wake up, but it also makes you have to pee a million times because of all the B vitamins it has.   I used to drink it all day long at work and then my doctor said it might not be the smartest thing to drink that much of.  I believe all that B vitamin excretion puts a fair amount of work on your kidneys.

So, I think I may try to run a bit faster this weekend on my long run.  Oh, and I have a question for all of you out there, in case my coach doesn’t see my email on time.  The last 3 weeks I’ve extended my distance from 7 to 8 to 9.3 miles.  Should I go back down this week, to 7 or 8?  And then try to pull up the pace a bit, even if it’s only by, say, 10-15 seconds per mile?

carries 50 oz of liquid

carries 50 oz of liquid

And yes, it’s pink camelbak time again, I think! When I told Lis earlier this week I was considering trying out a waist bottle belt again this year, she reminded me that the pink camelbak is my thing, and it’s how people recognize me. 🙂

I’d like to leave you all with a beautiful view.  While we may not all be able to see the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean on a daily basis, I’m sure there’s some part of your day that holds some beauty.  For me, I’ve been getting a bit more stressed at work, because of all the uncertainty around our reorganization and possible layoffs hitting the school very soon, so I’ve been trying to recognize beauty when I can, in whatever I can.  I hope you all can too. 

Photo by StarMama on

Photo by StarMama on