Before I mention anything about track, Bill asked me today if I’d ever seen this video on YouTube about these Brits who chase a roll of cheese down a hill.  Now I ask you – do they win the cheese? And why in the world would you want to eat a bunch of cheese that’s already rolled down a grassy and dirty hill? It looks like Brie to me, but I hate Brie.

Ok, you decide the motivation for this – but I think it’s hilarious.  Note the people in blue at the bottom of the hill – their sole job is to stop people when they get to the bottom of the hill by tackling them.  I’m embedding two videos – on the first one, I honestly can’t understand one word of what the hell they are saying! 🙂

It looks like this is a yearly event.  All I can say is, WTF?!

Some of these people seriously get some speed going down this hill!

Ok, so track workout tonight:

  • 8 X 200s (you know I love these)
  • 4 X 400s (beginning to love them)
  • 2 x 800s (not a great lover of these, but I’ll do them)

We’re still running in what I’d consider a large pack but I’ve found a way to start on the inside lane and then just stay in it pretty much the whole way. After the first one, I was pretty flattered – a few people said, “you take the inside lane, you’re fast!” I just love 200s, especially when they start on a straightaway because I’ve never met a straightaway I’ve not loved. However, it was only after we’d done about 5 of them that the assistant coach said “you should ease into the speed as you’re running, rather than just bolting up full speed ahead” (or something to that effect. We were all like, really?  Maura and I had been bolting out there as fast as we could go from the get-go. 

Oh, and I digress here for a second. Maura is someone I ran with a few times over the winter.  Has anyone ever seen a real-life gazelle run? Or a doe? They’re completely graceful and it looks like they weigh absolutely nothing when their feet hit the ground. That’s how Maura runs.  She said that that morning she had not been sure she could make it to practice. So she ran. Seven miles. Then came to track practice.  I envy her. She’s beautiful, she’s extremely graceful and she’s fast. She makes it look so effortless. Ok, I want to emulate her – that sounds much better than envy, don’t you think?

Anyway, I am happy to say most of my 200s were in the low to mid 40s with one (or possibly two?) around 39-40 seconds.  If they’d been at the end, I think I’d have tried even harder, but I knew those other intervals were still out there hanging over my head. I’ve decided though, when running them, I think I need to stop looking at my watch halfway through. It freaked me out to look down at my watch and see 15 seconds after the first 100. My mind says “there’s no way you can keep up this pace the entire way.” And I feel like I should slow down at that point to make it all the way through the workout.  But it was very cool to start running, and then just find myself running alone at the lead a few times. I’m not trying to show off, but I do love the 200s!  Why couldn’t there be a 200 meter race for people like me?? 🙂

Karen and I noticed one thing tonight, and it’s a good thing, I think.  We tried to keep our 400s at 2 minutes, or at what we thought would be our 5K pace.  But we ended up doing them at something like 1:53-1:55, and they didn’t even feel that bad, to me anyway.

And the 800s – we were supposed to do them at a pace that we could run for an hour for. So that would likely be a 10 minute mile for me? Or somewhere in the 9ish range?  Well, we did them in 4:14 and 4:23ish, and we were pretty much talking the whole way. That’s a really good thing if you ask me!

Anyway, I’m a bit bummed because next week I need to go on Wednesday and that group is much smaller and harder to find someone to run with, but I’m hoping we’re back to running in a large group. It’s kind of fun to start off in mass chaos.

Enjoy the photo below – it’s of the  Blue Mountains in Australia, a place I’ve never been to, but wow, how amazing is this?  I could never take a photo like this!

Photo by Nosha, on

Photo by Nosha, on