So good, then so BAD and then so good again.

The Good (early):  By 6:40 a.m., I had run 5 miles in 46 minutes. A PR for me, but it is one of my flatter routes.  I was a bit sad to see the 6 on the watch – I really wanted to see 45 on the clock, and then I got mad at myself for having taken two very quick walk breaks in Mile 4, bringing that mile’s pace to 9:36, but still it’s a PR. 

How many others out there can say that they’ve already run 5 miles by 6:40? (Other than all of you readers, of course.)

The Bad (midday): Long story short – email is a great thing.  Because it can vindicate you.  I had to deal with someone on the phone who was talking to me as if I was mentally challenged and he needed to speak slowly to me or otherwise I wouldn’t understand his condescending tone.  Please know that this person did not even work at my school (a large chip resides on his shoulder as a result, I believe), so I have no duty to help him.  He does, however, work with one of my favorite faculty members on a book she is writing, so I tried to work with him. Thing is, this person said that something had NEVER worked for him in the past.  Funny thing is, I had an email to prove I was RIGHT and he was WRONG.  So as his tone got more and more condescending, I started to take a different tone with him. Not condescending, I really tried, but enough so he knew I thought he was being an A-Hole.  (Sorry, not PG-13.) 

Needless to say, I didn’t mention in my follow-up emails that I thought he was a jerk (I am being PG-13 right now, that is definitely not the word I used to describe this person as I lightly slammed the phone down on my end).  I just let his own email, which I referred to in my own, prove me right.  Oh, and I copied my faculty member on my emails.   Hopefully she’ll remain blissfully ignorant of this whole episode because that poor woman has enough to deal with.

And, well, hearing someone “eat crow” on your voicemail – well that was nice.  Not an apology but a much kinder tone was used.  Hopefully we’ll either never have to deal with each other again, or he can prove  himself to be a human next time around.

Let me say it again – I love email some days.

The Good (lunchtime):  Right after the phone call, I had lunch with an undergraduate from my university, whose name is Elisha.  We met last year because I’ve been helping her and some other students work on a very long-term (read: multi-years long) research project where they look up a lot of laws in a particular area of the law and then “code” what they find, to create a dataset. 

Elisha is one of those rare breeds that is incredibly down to earth, is beautiful, is smart, and is just a genuinely good person.  I saw her, and said ‘I need 5 minutes to vent, can I vent?”  She then heard me use more obscenities than she’s probably ever thought a librarian could use.  And that’s the thing. She doesn’t look at me as a librarian, but as a person and a friend first.

Then, she told me that she has decided she doesn’t want to go to law school after all, even though she’s signed up to take the LSAT next week. At this point, I hugged her.  I would not suggest to ANYONE that they go into law school these days. 

The job market generally sucks, but with this field, it’s only going to get worse.  The mid-level associates are getting laid off every day, and incoming classes to law firms are getting deferred for at least a year. (And, usually they are getting paid to do that, to the tune of $60-75K, sometimes to do non-profit work, and sometimes they are getting paid that to do nothing.)  Yes, you read that number correctly.  That means each succeeding class of graduates will have more and more competition in a field that is already glutted.  Kristin, I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this. (For those of you who’ve not yet met Kristin, of Running with the Runner Girl fame, is a practicing lawyer, who I had the good fortune to meet, last year, at a half marathon.)

But, Elisha did say she wanted to know more about my field and does she need a law degree to do what I do.  And she told me that basically the reason she’s become interested in it is because of me.   Quite a compliment coming from this girl, who with her undergraduate degree could probably go just about anywhere. Oh, and I’m invited to her wedding next year as well.  I told her I had not expected that, and I know how expensive weddings can get, and she responded “you’re special to me.  You’re a given on the list.”


Good to know there are some really good human beings out there some days.  

Thanks for listening. (Sorry to steal your line, Willie.)