I had toyed with the idea of running a 5 mile race last weekend on Memorial Day. That is, until I saw the price.   $30 for a 5 mile race?  I started doing the math. That’s like $6 per mile.  Wait, that’s more than $1 per quarter mile.  Are they serious??!!

Bill started laughing at me because he said he’d never heard someone talk about the price of a race like that before.  In “these troubled economic times” (a phrase that, I swear, if anyone says it around me again, I swear I will smack them silly) I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Bill and I are meeting with our financial advisor and I’m trying to put all of our expenses together, and well, it’s enlightening to see where money escapes through your fingers. The price of races can really add up, but I don’t have to tell any of you that.

And yes, all of this coming from one of the biggest gearheads around! I’ve realized I have so many running clothes that they are busting out of their designated drawer so I am going to try to not buy any more this summer.  Wish me luck!

On a non-financial, but running subject, have any of you ever hurt the back of your knee where it hurts sometimes to keep it straight?  I think the other day I overextended my right knee while I was stretching.  I’m hoping it’s feeling better enough so I can run tomorrow – I took the safe way out this morning and rode the bike instead.  Yesterday it hurt to walk on my right side for most of the day, and today it’s better, but it does hurt sometimes when I’m driving.

Not so descriptive I know, but would anyone care to diagnose? 

In case I don’t get to the blog tomorrow, I’d like to wish a HUGE HUGE HUGE  SHOUTOUT TO LISA, of the Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge blog. She’s running the RNR Marathon in San Diego this coming weekend, and I don’t want to jinx her by saying it out loud, but I think she’s going to hit some of her major goals.  I really don’t want to jinx her on saying them out loud, so I’ll just point you to her goal post.  In case you’ve not read Lisa’s blog, well, I’ve been reading it for over a year now.   She was fast to begin with, she’s only amazed with me with how much speedier she’s become, and oh, by the way, she’s incredibly, incredibly nice, and a very genuine person.  I’ve even had the good fortune to speak to her live on the phone after we’ve each had a big race.

Oh, and anyone out there read the Running While Pathetic Blog last year?  Well, Karen’s back!!!  What are you waiting for – go and read it!

Ok, I have to get back to writing my novel (yep, I’ve been trying to be good and really work with the new idea I came up with a few weeks ago and write consistently.)  Oh, and I’ve got to get up tomorrow around 4 or 4:30 to run!

Happy Running everyone.