Hey, if Willie can call his Garmin Paula, and treat it like a woman, then I can certainly treat my long runs like a man. Sometimes you love him, sometimes you hate him, sometimes  you’re in a fight for the entire way, or you’re arguing and you’re not even sure what started it all. But time apart can definitely help.

Of course, “long” is all relative. For me right now, that’s 8 miles. I could have run with The Ladies as I sometimes do on Saturdays, but I just felt like running alone.  You ever have days like that?  I wanted to just be able to think, and see if I could do my own pace the entire way. It averaged out to about 10:07 miles, which is good for me for the Long Runs. I ran around our little Silver Lake, which is about 1.85 miles, took a very quick bathroom break, threw off my arm warmers and took off for the rest of it with my water bottle, Gu, and sports beans.  I am beginning to wonder if I can take Gus anymore. Long story short, everything was pretty good until just before I hit mile 6 on the Garmin.  Then all of a sudden, I was like “ohh,…oh…this is not good. It was as if everything, well, kicked in, if you know what I mean.”  So I walked a bit for about 30 seconds or so, and then I felt ok. My last two miles were 9:47 and 9:20, which I was very happy about, considering at one point, I was beginning to think maybe I’d have to knock on someone’s door, look pathetic and ask to use their bathroom. Please, God, let it never have to come to that!

I didn’t run Sunday – instead Bill and I unloaded about 3 yards worth of bark mulch.  That means we only have about 3 more yards to spread. For those of you who have ever spread bark mulch, please just know that 6 yards is a LARGE, LARGE pile.  We have it delivered in a dump truck. Enough said.

Yes, my back did hurt yesterday, and I felt it this morning on the beginning of my 5 mile run, which I only did about 9 a.m. Normally way too late for me to run, but this weekend has just been absolutely, well, glorious is the only word I can use to describe it. Not too much humidity, the right amount of cloudiness on Saturday during mylong run, and the right amount of sun the rest of the weekend. We could not have asked for a better Memorial Day weekend.

My 5 mile run was not the best, but I am not going to beat  myself up for it. It’s a holiday weekend, I’ve eaten hamburgers two nights in a row, my back hurt from all the gardening and mulching, and the Female Bane of Existence is in town (you know what I mean).  5 Miles in 48 minutes. Only walked about 15 or 20 seconds up a huge hill. From now on, I am going to concentrating on how good that first breath feels when you reach the top of a hill, and think about the whole way up, no matte how much it hurts.

And now, I really do want to be reading more of everyone’s blogs. Work has been busy (yes, we are still busy even when the students are gone because that’s when we get everything else done), and I”ve been keeping up on updates on Twitter from some of you but Twitter is a poor substitute for reading about everyone’s running progress.

Anyway, enjoy the picture below – there are some amazing photographers sharing their talent on Flickr!

Photo by Jesuscm, on Flickr.com

Photo by Jesuscm, on Flickr.com