Before I say anything about track, I have to tell you about my niece and nephews from last weekend.  For some reason, their dad was talking to his brother about doing plank exercises and they heard him talking about it. So they decided they wanted to do it. Yes, the 8 year old and the 4 year old. I think part of the attraction was that they could challenge each other for times, and also that they could press the buttons that beeped on my watch.  The next night, my little niece, Katie, decided she wanted to play with my watch. I KNOW she really liked hitting the buttons on my watch and making it beep over and over again. Then she looked at me and said “Now ME” and then laid down on the floor. It was way too adorable.  After about 7 seconds, she turned around and gave me such a big smile, it was way too cute.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, she looks like Suri Cruise (my sister says it is her haircut) but honestly she is MUCH cuter!!

Tonight’s track workout was the capnote (is that a word, or did I just make it up? Not sure, oh well, anyway…) to a very productive day. I had today off, so I got up at 6:30 with Bill (actually felt like I had slept in, believe it or not).  I spent a good 3 hours or so playing in poop (well, manure anyway) and garden soil. A total of 26 bags of it to be exact, so yes, my back hurts now.  I went grocery shopping, ran tons of errands, and then went to track practice.

I ran with a girl named Karen who ran indoor track this past winter. She used to swim in the mornings of track practice, so she ran with a slower group than me, but she’s actually about the same, speed-wise, as me.  We were supposed to run a total of 16 laps, but Karen and I started a few minutes after everyone, so we only got 15 in, but that was fine.  We were supposed to do short bursts of 200s, immediately followed by 200s that were just about 10 seconds slower than the fast bursts. Try doing that without taking a break for about 2 miles straight. Today was over 80, and both of us (but probably more me) needed a break after each 4 laps.  We tried to do short bursts of 50-55 seconds, with the “back in” portion of 200s around 65-80 seconds.  Our coach said it’d be alright if we needed to pull back on the slower end of the 200s. 

It should be interesting to see if I can improve more with these types of workouts than the ones I’m used to. I hope so!

I’m getting caught up on people’s blogs again – everyone’s been so busy, wow!