Can’t believe it’s been a whole week since my last post but I’ve definitely been busy! Last week was super busy at work – it was the end of the school year (phew!)

This past weekend, I went to visit my sister in Michigan. My niece, Katie, is also my goddaughter, and she just got baptised. She’s the 3rd kid, and she is quite adorable. My middle nephew Jack is almost 5, and the oldest is 8.  They are so well behaved, I am so proud to be their “Aunt TT.”  (I even got little Katie to say it before I left – they’re all so smart too! LOL).

I did some running around her town on Friday night since it stays light out pretty late. And on Sunday, I ran 7 miles for the first time in a while. Whereas before my long slow run pace would have been in the 11 minute mile range, mine is now/was 10:15.  So happy to be able to say that!  It was a really nice run – you don’t have to run far from her house to be near farms and the great smells of spring time. I probably could have run all day it was so nice out. It was just in time that I liked running further than 4-5 miles, because the Boilermaker is 9.3 miles and takes place in July.

It was a really peaceful run. My sister’s town has a beautiful lake in the middle of it, and to run all the way around it and back to her house is about 4 miles. Friday night’s run was in the rain for most of the way, but I honestly didn’t mind too much. I had my jacket and hat and they kept me pretty dry. On Sunday’s run, I smelled lots of beautiful flowers, including lilacs, and saw a few wild peacocks on a farm near my sister. It was pretty cool.

The weather was kinda crappy for most of the time we were there – either rainy or windy and cold, but on Sunday morning it finally turned nice and sunny, albeit a bit cool.  Just in time for my run and then for us to leave, of course. (Isn’t that always the way?)  Now I totally miss my nephews and niece, who kept asking us and my sister why we had to leave, why we couldn’t just quit our jobs and stay with them to play all day. I wish I could!

Anyway, I start my summer schedule this week so I am looking forward to having more time around the house to get things done in concentrated bits of time, including writing and gardening. I still work the same amount of hours but they are more concentrated, into 4 days rather than 5. Less commute time, and headaches, so the longer days are totally worth it.

I hope everyone has been running well, I feel  like lately I’ve only been able to catch up on everyone’s progress in bits and pieces, and it sucks!