I’m running the Melrose Run for Women 3.5 miler tomorrow – I think I am ready but I am not sure I’ll be able to beat my time from last year. Last year I did it in about 31 minutes (officially, but really it was faster than that, somewhere in the range of 30:50).  I was not running track back then – I think I just only knew one pace and that was it. I do remember really wanting to beat a 10 year old boy who ran in front of me, and then would stop and walk, and then start up again, most of the way.  To see something like that always makes me feel like crap, you know? 

I am really hoping that they have more bathrooms this year – last year they actually held up the start because so many people were still standing in line at the start time for the race. Only in a race for moms would that happen, right?

It should be a decently sized race. When I picked my number up on Friday night, I was 551. They were expecting more than 700. They have the race at 9 a.m., I think, because it’s all women, and a lot of moms, and they want everyone to be able to get on with their day and all its celebrations.

I just checked the weather and it’s supposed to be 56 and partly cloudy. I definitely hope the emphasis is on cloudy – I run so much better when it’s overcast. And tonight it’s raining so hopefully it won’t be humid like my last 5Kish race.

If Bill goes along, I might even get pictures! To those of you out there who are moms, like Lisa, (and moms of animals counts, Penny), Happy Mother’s Day!