Tonight was my first workout with the MVS track program. First of all, let me just say this – sometimes I can be a complete idiot.  I got lost on the way there, or so I thought. I stopped at an elementary school to ask directions, and didn’t see that the track I was looking for was actually about 100 yards past the people I stopped to ask for help.  dUH! So I got there late.

Then we were given workouts based on what our goals are and what kind of mileage we are currently doing – short, middle, etc.  I am doing the “short course.”  Rather than giving you assigned paces to do, this coach gave me suggestions based on what 5K times I’ve had, my mile time trial from indoor track, and also what  I thought I could do repeatedly.

I think it might take me a week or two to figure out who to run with. And also to not be an idiot in interpreting the directions.  Among other things, we were told to do 3 x 400s x 2.  Most normal people would probably read that as a total of 6 400s, right? NOT  ME! I read that as 12 400s.  Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.

My friend and coworker Will was there tonight.  He had completed his workout and was going through stretching routines with some other folks and then listening to instructions from the coach. Since I had shown up late, I assumed I had just fallen behind and kept on doing my intervals.  Before he left, Will hasked me if I was done, and I said, “well, I’m giving up for tonight, that’s all I can do.”  So Will asked me how many I’d done and I said “10!” This is when  we realized I had almost doubled the workout.

Yes, I am not always so smart!!!

So, the sorta good news is that most of my 400s I could keep between 1:45 and 1:52.  The bad news was that my pacing seemed a bit off. I was having problems figuring out visual landmarks on that track.  However, I understand that it’s been promised to MVS that the track is going to be fixed for us. Which is good news because it is in BAD shape.

The other good news is that with this group, it does seem like there are more of the “average” runner, like me.  And, with that, much less attitude.  People actually smiled at me in greeting.  For the last few weeks, with a few exceptions, other than the friends I already made at indoor track, I didn’t find people to be overly friendly.  I also like the fact that we can choose  nights – either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The final piece of good news is that at least for this season I can get reimbursed for what I paid to the other coaching program. And I’ll receive an additional $25, so I’m kind of getting paid to run track this spring.  Pretty cool!

I will miss running with the ladies from this past season’s indoor track but I do plan on seeing them on weekends so I can catch up with them.

By the way, below are pics of some flowers from around our lawn. Enjoy!  (And no, I didn’t ‘get the Swine Flu or the H1N1 flu either! Isn’t it interesting how its name changed, almost overnight?)  Lilac bushes are starting to bloom around here now, and they just smell so wonderful! So, Alien, in answer to the question you recently left as a comment, we are actually getting a real spring this year. Last year we went from crappy winter to crappy rain and cold to extremely hot and humid summer!

Having a real spring is awesome!

Oh, and tomorrow, I can share with all of you a very cool pic of the Boston Marathon – I’ve given permission by its creator!