What is that you’ve all been telling me – that when it gets nice out, I should be really rocking with fast times?!  Um.. Yeah… Nope.

Can you have a WORST PR?

Running in Mexico’s heat for just 5 days was not enough time to acclimatize, that’s for sure.

Thank GOD Lis and I decided last night to only do the 5K, rather than the 10K.  There was water only at 2 miles.  Getting about 3-4 ozs. is definitely not enough, especially since when we started, my mouth already felt dry. 

I never felt like I had any energy. I went to bed last night around 10, got up at 8. That’s more sleep than I’ve had in a while.

Here’s the good stuff about the race today:

  • Held in a small town, so this was a big deal. Lots of baked goods, real food to buy (hot dogs and hamburgers, slushes, etc.) Musical band acts on the track.
  • Started and ended on a track. Makes you feel good to hear lots of people cheering.
  • No penalties for switching from the 10K to the 5K or vice versa (although you’d have had to have had a lobotomy to think that was a good idea.)
  • Roads closed, with lots of police patrols.
  • Really well organized and well run, with one exception – water stops – not enough.

Bad stuff (note, not the race organizer’s fault):

  • 82-88 freaking degrees.  Yes, you read that correctly. Two days ago, on my last run, it was somewhere in the high 30s/low 40s.
  • It’s April in the Northeast. Most of our trees are lucky to even be budding right now. Translation = NO SHADE.
  • Race time of 11:50 a.m. (I take it back, this is the race organizer’s fault.) That’s too late to start a race when there’s a chance it could be really warm out.
  • During mile 1, one of the cops pulls out, on his motorcycle, to move along with the runners.  I’m thinking “dude, could you at least get on the other side of the road? You’re riding on what would be the shortest way to run.” (the inside.)  Lis told me later she’d had to run behind him at one point for a while and she was totally breathing in his fumes. So not cool on a hot day like today. Not sure what the point of that action was.
  • Some freaking guy decided to walk from the point of the starting muskets, even though he was pretty close to the start line – WTF?
  • Absolutely no time for us to acclimate – my asthma was really kicking in today.
  • I FREAKING walked a good portion of the 3rd mile, as my times show. I passed the 2 mile point at 17:42.   
  • I  literally had a meltdown during that last mile. At one point I was almost in tears, having stopped to walk for what felt like the 3rd or 4th time.  I felt ashamed to be wearing my MVS shirt, honestly, and was wondering just what all the work I’ve done these past several months was for.  The only time I felt ok was when the clouds finally came out when we hit about 2.67 miles. (Thanks, Garmin.)
  • I was running with the Female’s Bane of Existence (please don’t make me spell it out as to what I am really talking about – you ladies all know exactly what I’m talking about. And, guys, yes, it really does affect the way we exercise and our moods.  If you’re married or have had a girlfriend past the honeymoon stage, you know what I’m talking about.)

My stats: (no idea how I finished in the top half, at all.)

  • Official time: 29:43.  Real time on Garmin: 29:33. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT.  I have not done a 5K that slowly in 2 years, I’m not kidding.
  • Place among females:  106/376.
  • Place in division (female 30-39): 37/125
  • Place overall: 318/753.

Mile paces:

  • First mile: 8:04 (this’d normally be ok if the weather had been normal. What the hell was I thinking going out that fast in this weather?!)
  • Second mile: 9:30
  • Third mile: 11:09 (AGAIN, NOT KIDDING.)
  • Last .13 (because of course I ran too far): 7:16 – don’t get too excited, it was 54 seconds to do a 200.  Again, that is ridiculously slow for me at the end of a race.

I think the heat affected everyone, except for the winners, of course.

Oh, and in case you are wondering how my track practice went last week – let’s just say I hope the people I ran with (except for my friend, K, who did indoor track with me), “warm” up a little bit where the friendliness factor is concerned. I got the feeling they didn’t think that “indoor track” was as competitive as “outdoor track” in the winter.  Um, I just don’t like to freeze and sweat and then take breaks in between my running when it’s freaking freezing outside. To me, that’s like asking for pneumonia. 

Also, my coach, who hadn’t seen me doing a real track workout in months, decided to go conservative with keeping me in Group G, even though he had literally taken everyone else in my group and moved them up to F. I was a bit miffed about that at first, but then realized he had not seen me run in many months and had no idea that I had improved. 

Oh, and we ran in mist most of that night, which was fine, until the very end, when it decided to POUR rain.  So I didn’t stretch until I got home, and I totally felt it afterward.  Until today I was thinking of asking him if I could move up to F. Then today was so awful.  I have to just get it out of my mind, I know.

I am going to try to put today out of my mind.  I saw that a lot of you ran races today and did awesome. Willie and Lisa, I’m so proud of you. And Lindsay, you WON your race last week. Wow.   If anyone else ran a race, I’m catching up on blogs, slowly!  I’m back, and yes, I will post Mexico pics very soon!

Happy Running folks.