Massachusetts celebrates a state holiday today, called Patriots Day.  We have the Boston Marathon, a day game for the Red Sox, and the Celtics are in the playoffs. Bill is in seventh heaven for the latter two, I was loving the former.  A LOT of people get the day off because the commute into the city can be hell. I took the day off even though my school doesn’t recognize it as a holiday.

I got home after our road race this morning, just in time to see Kara Goucher come in third and those other two duke it out for the first place finish – holy crap it was close!! (By the way, Kara, we love you, you did awesome and have no reason to be sad!!)  And Ryan Hall, I think he is the coolest – he’s running, coming in third overall, and he’s waving to the fans.  I remember reading this article about how when he ran the Houston Half-Marathon and finished under 1 hour, how people realized he could have finished even faster if he’d just concentrated on just the finish line. I like the fact that he acknowledges the fans – it shows what kind of person he is – it’s his way of giving back. It was cool to see that he was doing that again today even through the last mile.

Lis and I ran a 5 mile race today in Lexington, MA, a town made famous for the Revolutionary War battle where the famous line was  uttered “don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes” (Lis confirmed this is the one and the same battle, although there is confusion as to which side actually did fire their muskets first.)  So, that’s how the race started – with 4-5 guys lined up, and they shot their muskets off in unison.  It was LOUD. But very cool!

I decided I didn’t feel like “racing racing” today but wanted to have a good run with her instead. We have not run together in months and honestly, I missed it! A lot! 

Before we started, Lis said to me “I am running an 11 minute mile pace around now, are you cool with that?” Which I was, no problem.  I just wanted to gab and catch up!  And holy crap, this field was fast – to have come in within the top half, I’d have had to run 7:21 minute miles, can you believe it?!

We did our first mile in 9:51, and I think our slowest mile was 10:26 or so.  We walked through most of the water stops (only skipped one, but stopped for an informal one prepared by a very cool family who were handing out tons of 3 oz. cups) and did an average 10:12 mile for the entire race. Our finishing times were 50:25 and 50:26, and that is a PR for Lis!  I am very happy for her.  What’s funny is that she said that she had run 8 miles Thursday, hiked a bunch on Friday, ran 5 miles on Saturday and hiked 11.79 miles yesterday, yet ran faster than what she “thinks” is her current pace, and she looked great the whole way.  She said her legs felt it at points, but honestly, I didn’t notice at all. She did awesome!  (I decided not to say anything about our actual pace during that first mile – we both have Garmins so she figured it out, but I was like “hey, she seems to be not feeling this, who am I to say something?!”)

Bill was not able to go along today – had to work from home, so sorry, no pics!  But honestly, it was really, really fun to just run along at a leisurely pace and enjoy the day (even though it was a bit windy and COLD!)

In other events, my friend Amy, who I run with often on Saturdays, and with whom I ran indoor track, did her first marathon today and it was BOSTON! She finished in 4:47:16, which I think is awesome for her first, and also because the wind was in everyone’s face today – not good!

My friend, Corey Canada, finished his second Boston Marathon today in 4:35:13. My husband called/texted him afterward and he said that he felt dead from the waist down.  He said his injuries were definitely what slowed him down, as last year he did 4:09ish and he could have gone faster.  I am going to ask Corey to write up a race report (you reading this, Corey?) because he’s the one that ran for Abi Simpson with Miles for Miracles last year and was repeating his feat this year.  I know it’ll be a good one! 🙂

And Reese from Oklahoma – do any of you read his blog – I won’t steal his thunder and list his time here – but I will point you to his Boston Marathon race report – it’s great, and I’m so impressed with his time. There’s no way I could do a marathon in the time he did!

I PROMISE to attach pics from my vacation – but tonight I want this post to be about racing.  Tomorrow night is my first night of spring track, I’m excited but a bit nervous. My coach coaches the likes of Linda Jennings – check out what she wrote about her goals here (if you read Running Times, you’ve already heard her name), Becky Connolly (third in women’s indoor nationals at 400 distance – masters), and Dan Vassallo, who is going to try to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in the marathon – what the hell am I doing?!

Can’t wait to catch up on everyone else’s blogs this week!