So, we got home tonight from Mexico. Many of you were very close when you guessed Cancun, but we were staying in a beautiful resort called the Grand Sunset Princess just outside of Playa Del Carmen. It’s about 45 minutes south of Cancun, in the area known as Riviera Maya, on the Yucatan Peninsula.

I did promise pictures, and wanted to let people know I’ve not been commenting back over the last few days because we didn’t have access to the internet after my last post. The internet connection was good at first, and then it started to be up and down, leading Bill, the resident IT specialist in our marriage, to think it might have been problems with their firewall since we couldn’t even get an internal IP address.

To be honest, when you can’t get access to the internet, it’s actually sometimes a good thing. For me, definitely. I needed to decompress.

So, I still have to unpack – we literally landed about 3 hours ago, and I’m just cleaning out my personal email inbox, but I will try to post them tomorrow sometime, in between attending a 1 year old’s birthday party, grocery shopping, etc.

Oh, and getting ready to run a 5 mile race on Monday (not the marathon, this one is a fun one in Lexington, MA (Lexington is definitely a town where some Revolutionary War battles were fought, but my historical memory is neglecting to remember which ones right now), and I am thinking maybe Lis and I will run it together (if she’ll let me) and we can just be social and not worry about time. My runs were obviously slower down in Mexico due to the heat, but oh, it was so-o-o nice there, let me tell you. I’ll write up a review of the hotel, probably for Trip Advisor, but if any of you care to see it, I can also put it here.  (I heard there were some negative reviews on there, and all I can say is, those people must have been smoking crack to write them, or are the biggest pains in the asses on this planet. That place was BEAUTIFUL!)