I was on my way to the resort’s gym this morning to do a cross-training workout and I saw all these people staring out toward what I will call the “forest” between resorts.  I asked the one lady what they were looking at, and she said “monkeys!”  They were so graceful, swinging through the treetops.  I told Bill this is the reason he needs to get up early from now on – he loves Animal Planet’s show on monkeys and orangutangs – “escape from chip eden” and “orangutang island.”  There must have been at least 6 or 7 of them, and that’s just counting the ones I saw, which we think included at least one BABY!

So adorable.

Now, where do you think my camera was? That’s right – I figured, I am just going to the gym, what am I going to see?!  DAMMIT!

Oh well, next time, right?!

Ok, I have to make my way off to the pool now, where there’s a swim-up bar.  Yes, life is hard when you are on vacation…. I so wish I could do a trip like this every year.

Oh, and yeah, this is a running blog.  So let me just say this – around here, most people seem to run early in the morning like me, rather than at night.  Glad to see there are other diehards here like me. 🙂  There even appear to be one or two “fasties” – our indoor track term for speed demons!