READ: I’m on vacation! Yay, finally, right?  It is quite warm where I am – I’ve been trying to wake up with the sun and get out there running quickly so that my run is done by 8. I figure, it’s about 50-60 degrees warmer than what I am used to running in, and believe me I am NOT complaining! My runs have only been about 4.15 miles long, but that means about 3 laps around the resort, and to get used to such a huge change in temps is pretty major, so I’m not beating myself up over it.  This has even been the first time I’ve used endurolytes in months, if you can believe it. I love those little white pills of goodness in the heat. 🙂

I’ve not been posting much lately because it was INSANE last week at work to try to finish stuff up, and since I’ve been here, the internet has been a bit up and down. And to be honest, I’ve been trying to disconnect from the outside world a bit. Having internet makes me feel like I should check work email and that is the LAST thing I want to do right now. So if my computer’s been on, it’s been without the network wire being plugged in at the same time.

I PROMISE to put pictures up very soon – tonight Bill and I are just wiped from our trip to Chitchen Itza (sp?) where it was super hot, and I think I was starting to even burn even while wearing SPF 50. (I swear, I am the whitest person in this country right now, but I’d prefer to be the pale ghosty rather than an advertisement for skin cancer, like some of the folks we’ve seen at our resort.)

I’m sorry if I’ve worried some of you, but I’ve just been on vacation and being lazy.  Please forgive me.  We’ve been eating and reading a lot, and just plain lounging. It may be boring to some, but this is our idea of an ideal vacation right now, believe me.  The ocean is absolutely beautiful, and so relaxing to just hear the waves crashing onto the shore over and over…

Pictures coming, I promise!