Tuesday night, and race report – 4 words I never thought I’d type all together! Yep, you’re reading this correctly, I did a race tonight after getting up at 5 a.m. to write, then working all day. (I’m finding I like writing early in the morning in the peace and quiet. And watching the colors of the sky change as the sun rises, is an event that I don’t  like to miss. You can also hear all the birds in the wetlands (p.c. word for swamp) close to our house, as they all wake up too. It’s pretty cool, actually.

So, the race tonight was a 5K.  I won’t go into details but you know how people always say you should “use the bathroom” before a race. Well, I tried. There was one, count it, one, stall at the bar (Hookslide Kelly’s) that was sponsoring the race this evening. As luck would have it, someone came inside to wait and I got the stage fright.  I took some Immodium just as a preemptive strike, but still the first mile was a bit, well, uncomfortable. After that, I kind of pushed those thoughts out of my mind.

Stats (my watch):

  • Mile 1: 8:19
  • Mile 2: 8:49 (bleck)
  • Mile 3: 8:25
  • Last .08/.1 – 6:33 pace
  • Average pace: 8:25/mile

Stats (official, per the race):

  • Overall time: 26:10
  • Place overall: 106/219
  • Place in division: 11/40 (that I am happy with!)

I am kind of disappointed because the time on my watch was 26:05, and I really wanted to be in the 25 range this evening. But, I guess, technically, this was a PR for an actual 5K. My 25:09ish race was only 3 miles.  But this race was flatter, so I’m disappointed that I didn’t run it faster.   However, usually I have not worked all day before doing a race, so maybe that had something to do with it, not sure.

What I could have done without was all the hairpin turns at the beginning of the race, and the girl in red, who just literally jumped in front of me without warning at one point.  There was also a guy, who I’ll call High Kickin’ Guy, who bugged me and who was just enough faster than me, that I couldn’t get around him.  He just had this weird running gait, his legs kicked up really high behind him, and I felt like at any moment, I was going to get kicked in the face by his legs. 

Also, there was this girl, I’ll call her Blond Girl in Blue, who passed me somewhere in the range of 1-2 miles, and I figured I could just draft off of her for a bit. Then I looked down and we were doing something like 8:49 pace, which is much slower than I wanted to run tonight. So I passed  her, and stayed in front of her for most of the rest of the race, except for the very end, when she freaking passed me, I was so pissed!

The race was somewhat different – for the most part we were on running paths rather than the road. We ran over a few bridges, and I was happy to see that the last one we went over had a bit of a barricade against the wind, next to the sidewalk.  It was only in the 40s tonight, so believe me, you could feel the wind when you were near the water, and most of this race was run along the Merrimack River.  

Ah well, it was fun for a Tuesday evening, and it was only $10, so you really can’t complain. They even had guys at a water stop right around 1 mile, and they were there when you looped back at the end.  Otherwise, not much cheering along the route, except for a few folks who must have been family members, or just folks out for an evening walk, who all of a sudden, ran into over 200 people all running like nuts!  There was a lady who I saw during the first mile, holding her cute little doggie, and she just looked like she was having so much fun watching us all run by her – she was still there toward the end of the race, smiling at all of us as we ran by.

You know, it’s suprising – today I felt like I had almost no energy toward the end of my workday. Then as I changed into my running clothes on my way to the parking garage, I suddenly got a jolt of energy. Funny how knowing you are going to run a race can do that to you. 🙂

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday and a good workout!