I did something this weekend I have not done in a while. Lots and lots of situps. Since I’ve not been running at the gym lately, I’ve not had the chance, or the time, usually, in the morning to do lots of crunches and leg lifts. Now, I totally feel it!  I was happy, though, even though I’ve not done lots of ab work lately, I was still able to hold the Plank Pose for 3 minutes!! Wahoo!

Because we don’t have formal track practice until after the Boston Marathon, some of us decided we’d do a 5K race tomorrow night.  The same town that has the Bay State Marathon (according to Runner’s  World, it’s the marathon with the most Boston Qualifiers), has weekly road races on Tuesday nights, from April until the middle of June. Only $10 to enter, not too shabby!

The name of the runs are Good Times Run. And yes, they do involve bars at the end of most of them, although truth be told, tomorrow  night after we’re done, I’m just going to want to head home, I’m sure. Luckily, the course is pretty flat, just a slight incline between .9 and 1.4, and then there’s a slight downhill afterward, and then it ends FAST!  Luckily, since it only starts at 7 (and that’s when the sun starts to set), it’s run off of the road for 90% of the route, and it basically runs around the Merrimack River, so it should be scenic as well.

So, wish me luck! It’s my goal, if everything works out well, to run somewhere in the 24 minute range.  It’s now one of my new goals to get as close to 24 as possible this year, if not under (gasp, maybe 23?!)  If I could run anywhere inthe 23 minute range, it’d put me somewhere close to my times in high school, when no one knew I had asthma.

I found this picture on Flickr and found it absolutely striking. Let me know what you think!

Photo by Rachel R, flickr.com

Photo by Rachel R, flickr.com

Oh, and by the way, there is one thing I can say about the Boston Marathon shirts for this year – they are SUPER BRIGHT. If you wear it, there’ll be absolutely no reason to wear any reflective gear. I swear.