another view of Arlington Natl' Cemetery (shot with my cell phone)

another view of Arlington Natl' Cemetery (shot with my cell phone)

Yesterday was a very nice run. I onlyhad to be in to work by 10, so I woke up at 5:30, got myself running by 7 when it was daylight out, and set myself a new PR for 4.5 miles on my “hilly” course. 41 minutes, 19 seconds, for a nice round average mile pace of 9:10.  It was nice and cool out – high 40s, and a fair amount of cloud cover. My favorite type of weather to run in. Like Penny, I hate the sun (but only when running).  I’ve had enough crap weather this past winter to last a lifetime!

  • Mile 1: 9:10
  • Mile 2: 9:26
  • Mile 3: 9:27
  • Mile 4: 8:58
  • Last 1/2 mile: 8:25 yay!

I think it’s all about your frame of mind when running, and music!  And, quite possibly, getting 7 hours of sleep per night for a change.

This morning, I thought I’d try to do our coach’s INSANE track workout he sent earlier this week – the 12 X 14 400s at 1:48-1:50 with only 15-30 seconds rest in between.  Yeah…I am not a math major at all!

Mistakenly, I figured that pace equated to 7:40 minute miles. On our gym treadmills, that means 7.8 mph. I was doing that for the first 6, wondering, incredulously, how it didn’t totally hurt. Then, I realized that I was running TOO SLOW. I realized I should have had the treadmill set to 8.2. 

Yeah, my coach is insane if he thinks we could do that workout with those rest periods.  I gave myself 45 seconds between each of the last 6, and that was hard.  I found my recovery times were about 35 seconds, but I did need that extra 10 seconds to psych myself back up again. I seriously thought to myself more than once, is he freaking kidding me? I think he’s trying to kill me!

Oh, and it happened again – the first treadmill I started on turned itself off while I was running. All of a sudden, it just decided it wanted to slow down. Never mind that I was doing speedwork, it clearly had a mind of its own.  Now I remember why I prefer to do speedwork with others instead of at the gym – it was super hot in there, and it’s BORING by yourself!

Oh, and below are some pics from D.C. that I promised (I know one of the cemetery ones is dupped, sorry!). Enjoy!

Tomorrow, think of me, I’ll be stuffing a gazillion packets for the Boston Marathon – go Reese and Eileen’s dad! (Eileen, that reminds me, I owe him a donation – I need to find your email again!)