photo by Jessica N. Diamond,

photo by Jessica N. Diamond,

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday To Me and My Blog, Happy Birthday to Me! 

Yes, April Fools’ Day, and my blog’s birthday at the same time!

I need to make this quick because I need to get to the airport, where they probably charge for internet access, but I wanted to share one little tidbit about the Metro down here.  (My last conference session today got cancelled, so I want to try to beat the rush there.)

DO NOT TAKE THE METRO LINE THAT STOPS OFF AT ROSSLYN.  Not if you are deathly afraid of heights. I stayed near the metro stop last year but the elevator was working most days I was there.  This metro stop is known for having the 3rd longest continual esclator path IN THE WORLD. 205 feet. Yes, people, that’s HUGE. The elevator was out of service until yesterday, I was told, because the intercom was not working. 

If you are terrified of heights, like I am, well, basically you start and end your day bathed in sweat.  It usually took me about 10 minutes to psyche myself out to go up or down this thing.  I would basically stare at my feet the entire time, try to not look at anyone or anything in my peripheral vision, and just keep going.  I noticed how my breath would speed up every single time, until it felt like it was coming out of my chest.

Thankfully the elevator was fixed. Oh, did I forget to tell you it was a clear, glasss-walled elevator? Basically I then stare at the floor or at some fixed point.  It is absolutely awful to be as afraid of heights as I am.

I will post my pictures tomorrow from my trip – the internet connection in the hotel appears really slow right now, and they are taking forever to load.