Two runs, in two days. Couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed from each other if they tried.

Thursday was awesome. I set a PR for myself with the 5-mile distance.  46:40, average pace of 9:20.  That’s better by at least two minutes. Not bad considering the second mile is a lot of ups and downs. It’s also when the sunrise began, and Untouched by the Veronicas came up on my iPod. Explains why that was my second fastest mile, even in 23 arctic degrees!  The rest of my route is pretty flat, but still I do run early in the morning so I was happy that my sleepy brain and legs could keep on going.   The sunrise was gorgeous. I think because it was so cold, it made the color stripes appear more crisp than normal. They were pink and green (preppy colors!)

Yesterday was not so great. The first two miles were just fine, pretty decent anyway, and it was in the 30s so I was down to two layers in the morning – wahoo! However, once I got to my turnaround point, you know, as far away from my house as I could be, suddenly I didn’t feel so good. On my way back, I looked longingly at the swamp/wetland I passed (you know it’s not good when that’s the case), and probably would have used them if they weren’t literally off the side of the road, and I was wearing white! (Yeah,  not great camoflauge.)  I also passed some kids waiting for the bus, and toyed with the idea of asking if I could use their bathroom in their house, but then I was thinking, they’d look at me as if I was a weirdo.

Oh, and earlier in the run when I reached down for my sports beans, what do you think I left at home?!  So, anyway, I found out yesterday, my body felt worse when running than walking, so I pretty much speedwalked home as fast as I could.  Ah well. It was a shorter run anyway, so at least I didn’t have any other major problems!

Anyway, I have to get ready to go meet some friends for a quick 5 mile run this morning and then get home to pack for D.C.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-60s there this week, and seriously I don’t know if I’d even know how to dress for that kind of weather right now, it’s been so long!